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Australian Aborigines Indigenous Australians Essay. Resume And Career. There are several hundred Indigenous peoples of paper writing, Australia, many are groupings that existed before the British annexation of Australia in 1788. Before Europeans, the number was over 400. Indigenous or groups will generally talk of their #8220;people#8221; and their #8220;country#8221;. These countries are ethnographic areas, usually the size of an average European country, with around two hundred on the Australian continent at the time of White arrival. Within each country, people lived in resume and career, clan groups extended families defined by the various forms Australian Aboriginal kinship. Inter-clan contact was common, as was inter-country contact, but there were strict protocols around this contact. The largest Aboriginal people today is the Pitjantjatjara who live in the area around Uluru (Ayers Rock) and south into the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara in South Australia, while the second largest Aboriginal community are the Arrernte people who live in and around Alice Springs. The third largest are the Luritja, who live in writing in business, the lands between the resume and career, two largest just mentioned.

The Aboriginal languages with the largest number of speakers today are the Pitjantjatjara, Warlpiri and Arrernte. Indigenous Australians are the fiction essays in literature, original inhabitants of the Australian continent and nearby islands, and these peoples#8217; descendants. Indigenous Australians are distinguished as either Aboriginal people or Torres Strait Islanders, who currently together make up about and career 2. 6% of proper, Australia#8217;s population. The Torres Strait Islanders are indigenous to the Torres Strait Islands which are at the northern-most tip of Queensland near Papua New Guinea. Resume. The term #8220;Aboriginal#8221; has traditionally been applied to indigenous inhabitants of mainland Australia, Tasmania, and some of the robinson, other adjacent islands. Resume And Career. The use of the term is becoming less common, with names preferred by the various groups becoming more common. The earliest definite human remains found to date are that of Mungo Man which have been dated at about 40,000 years old, but the writing service paypal, time of resume, arrival of the ancestors of Indigenous Australians is a matter of debate among researchers, with estimates ranging as high as 125,000 years ago.

There is great diversity between different Indigenous communities and societies in Australia, each with its own unique mixture of cultures, customs and languages. In present day Australia these groups are further divided into local communities. The population of Indigenous Australians at the time of permanent European settlement has been estimated at between 318,000 and 750,000, with the distribution being similar to that of the current Australian population, with the majority living in robinson, the south-east, centred along the resume and career, Murray River. Though Indigenous Australians are seen as being broadly related, there are significant differences in essays achebe, social, cultural and resume and career, linguistic customs between the popular in literature and history, various Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander groups. Migration Modern day scientists and others often say that the and career, Australian Aborigines arrived in the continent of popular essays in literature, Australia, by crossing land bridges or landing on the northern shores by canoes. Australia discovered by the #8216;Southern Route#8217; PhysOrg July 22, 2009 Genetic research indicates that Australian Aborigines initially arrived via south Asia. Researchers found telltale mutations in modern-day Indian populations that are exclusively shared by Aborigines. Dr Raghavendra Rao worked with a team of researchers from the resume, Anthropological Survey of India to sequence 966 complete mitochondrial DNA genomes from Indian #8216;relic populations#8217;. He said, #8220;Mitochondrial DNA is inherited only dissertation papers on unemployment from the mother and resume, so allows us to accurately trace ancestry.

We found certain mutations in the DNA sequences of the Indian tribes we sampled that are specific to Australian Aborigines. This shared ancestry suggests that the Aborigine population migrated to Australia via the so-called #8216;Southern Route'#8221;. The #8216;Southern Route#8217; dispersal of modern humans suggests movement of a group of hunter-gatherers from the Horn of Africa, across the mouth of the Red Sea into slavery, Arabia and southern Asia at resume least 50 thousand years ago. Subsequently, the modern human populations expanded rapidly along the coastlines of southern Asia, southeastern Asia and Indonesia to arrive in Australia at least 45 thousand years ago. The genetic evidence of this dispersal from the work of Rao and his colleagues is supported by archeological evidence of human occupation in the Lake Mungo area of Australia dated to approximately the same time period. Discussing the implications of the research, Rao said, #8220;Human evolution is usually understood in term paper writing, terms of millions of years. This direct DNA evidence indicates that the emergence of #8216;anatomically modern#8217; humans in Africa and the spread of and career, these humans to other parts of the world happened only fifty thousand or so years ago. In this respect, populations in the Indian subcontinent harbor DNA footprints of the earliest expansion out of Africa. Understanding human evolution helps us to understand the biological and cultural expressions of these people, with far reaching implications for purpose in business communication human welfare. #8221; Appearance To the early Europeans, the Aborigines of the Sydney district (and later those throughout the and career, whole continent), were primitives, natives or Noble Savages. So, descriptions of them (either written or in sketches/ paintings), were classificatory and comparative. There were a number of physical distinctions between different tribes.

It was noted that the Gundungurra who lived in the Blue Mountains west of Camden were taller and robinson crusoe slavery, stronger than the Eora / Dharawal who lived on the coast. Resume And Career. Or so European observers said. Some tribespeople were said to be darker than others (dark brown or black) and were different in essays achebe, other ways, but anyone who indulges in resume and career, descriptions should ask themselves why they are doing this. People are people and differences of color and shape shouldn#8217;t matter. However derogatory descriptions of Aborigines during the 19th century were often a justification for massacres and fiction essays and history, poisoning of and career, people. Spears were personal possessions of individual Aboriginal males.

Each tribe had their own particular style of spears. Basically, all spears were made from purpose of report in business communication timber or from the stems of plants. They ranged in length from resume about 1. Essays. 5 meters to resume and career 4 or 5 meters with various forms of points, tips or blades. Some spear tips were prongs which were used to of report in business communication catch fish; others were made from stone flakes while others were made from fish bones and shells. Spears were mainly used for hunting but they were also used in battles. Clothing The Aboriginal people of the Sydney, Illawarra and Shoalhaven district (and most, if not in all parts of Australia), were often observed by early settlers to resume be naked. The men and women of some tribes are known to have worn a belt around their middle made of hair, animal fur, skin or fiber which they used to carry tools and weapons. These belts often had a flap at the front, however, this was a modification that was added during European colonization when the British colonists and authorities were concerned about modesty and by chinua, imposed their standards on the Aborigines who were unashamed of their nakedness. However, Aboriginal people needed to be warm in winter months and did make cloaks which they made from animal skins e. g. Resume And Career. possum skins. Of Report Writing In Business. They worn them during the day and used them as blankets during the night.

A number of skins were needed to make the garment and they were cleaned, dried and sewn together. During colonization individual settlers gave the Aborigines their old clothes (known as slops). So the people were often recorded as wearing a variety of clothes such as army or navy jackets, trousers, petticoats and blouses (etc). From the 1830#8217;s a number of Governors issued English blankets to the Aborigines through Magistrates and resume and career, well respected settlers in various parts of the country. Robinson. The blankets were not as warm as possums skin cloaks and resume and career, many Aborigines caught influenza and bronchitis and died from these diseases. Society Aboriginal Australians were social beings who lived in a number of social groups sometimes called bands, clans, sub-tribes and popular essays, tribes, but essentially in a family or kinship group who were 1) of the same blood-line and 2) were related to other people through totems.

The social groupings of ATSI people meant that their relationships were far more extensive than our own method of identifying people as mother, father, brother, sister and cousins (etc). Aboriginal relationships are difficult to understand but the relationships of an Aboriginal male child are detailed in following script (with western ones shown in resume and career, brackets), to give some idea of them: The family was usually comprised of father#8217;s father (grandfather) and often his brother or brothers who was / were known also known as father#8217;s father (no western equivalent); his wife or wives (grandmother); a father (father) and perhaps his brothers (uncles) who was also considered to be an Aboriginal male child#8217;s father. Each family group had a headman or Elder who was the leader of the proper structure thesis, unit. He decided when to and career move camp and popular fiction essays, settled disputes Food such as oysters, mussels and pippies were enjoyed. Sometimes they cooked them on the ashes of a fire and resume, the Sydney Aborigines are known to have taken a fire with them aboard their canoes when they went fishing. This meant they could cook and eat their catch as they continued catching fish.

They also took some of their catch back to the camp to purpose of report writing share with others, but eating food while catching it gave them the energy to collect sufficient quantity for others. Animals, birds and and career, reptiles were also caught and cooked on an open fire. However they #8216;scorched#8217; rather than cooked these foods. In other words, they did not roast the joint of essays achebe, a kangaroo like Europeans do today. Resume And Career. For example by placing a leg of structure, lamb in resume and career, an oven for an hour or two.

The Aborigines simply singed the food to remove feathers, scales and purpose writing in business, fur and ate partly cooked meat. Other sources of food included yams (sweet potatoes), berries and intestines such as liver (yuck). But they generally hunted and collected the wide variety of food that was available in the places in which they lived. One food that was cooked by the Aborigines was a type of bread which was also popular among early European settlers who called it damper. This is made by resume and career grinding seeds into flour, mixing this with water into dissertation, a doughy paste and cooking it in the ashes of a warm fire. The Aborigines lived within a tribal territory where they obtained their daily food needs. Some tribes lived in desert country, while others lived in mountain, coastal or timbered areas. This meant that the members of different tribes ate different foods. It also meant that some of resume, them were constantly on the move hunting and gathering.

Others lived a semi-nomadic life in essays by chinua achebe, areas where there were amply food supplies. The Eora / Dharawal people who lived on the coastal area between the and career, Hawkesbury River and the Shoalhaven River were hunters and gatherers of popular fiction essays, fish, shellfish, plants and animals. They caught fish such as bream, groper, snapper and whiting; collected shellfish including oysters (rock and mud), cockles and and career, conniwink. Plant foods included: native cherries, the cabbage palm, water lilies, five-corners and proper structure, pigface. Animals, birds and reptiles such as kangaroos, ducks and snakes were also hunted for consumption purposes. Homes Aboriginal people were social beings as they lived and gathered together in family groups . Their camps were comprised of resume, a number of gunyas (bark huts), but the people also lived in term paper service, caves or in the open air. Some camps were comprised of as few as 6 to 10 people while in others there were up to 400 people. No doubt the availability of food was a factor in the size of a camp.

Each day, various members of the group would leave the camp to hunt and resume and career, gather food and return to the camp to popular fiction in literature and history share the catch with others. And Career. During the 1830s William Govett (surveyor), visited a camp and recorded (in Sketches of New South Wales), that the people usually settled in their camp as night fell and were engaged in a number of activities normal family life sharing stories about the happenings of the day, repairing weapons, singing songs and playing games etc. Govett described a young man in one gunya using double sets of strings to essays by chinua make diamonds, squares, circles and other shapes. He also told of an adult amusing a young child by placing a leaf on the back of his left hand, striking it with his finger causing the leaf to ascend perpendicularly to the squeals of delight from the child. Aboriginal people lived in family groups.

The Elder or Elders gunyah (hut) were situated in the center of the camp and resume and career, others spanned out in service, circles around the central hut. Resume. However, the people often slept in the open and in caves, so it is likely that the robinson slavery essay, Elder decided where he wanted to sleep with his wife or wives and and career, everyone one else spread-out from the spot he had chosen. No doubt some people were more important than others and the most important ones camped near the Elders. Culture Culture is a celebration of beliefs and usually (if not always) includes rites of passage from one stage of popular fiction essays in literature and history, life to another. Culture is stories and songs. Particularly because their stories and songs informed them about creation, the relationship between mankind and nature and were the source of their tribal laws. The tradition of initiation was an expression of Aboriginal culture and was carried out for thousands of years in exactly the way that had been ordered by the ancestors in the Dreamtime. On another level the stories and songs were believed to be important for the preservation and conservation of their land and all it contained. This involved singing Songlines that had been sung by the ancestors and the concept of and career, taking care. Structure. Until 1788 the Aborigines of resume, Australia lived and of report writing in business communication, celebrated a culture that was basically unchanged for thousands of years.

Each tribe had their own beliefs their own songs and stories, but until colonization, they were the oldest surviving race in the entire world. They existed as a race of people well before the Egyptians were building the pyramids, while the Greeks were constructing the Pantheon and while Britain was ruled by resume and career the Roman Empire. However the first Europeans to arrive in the continent considered the #8216;natives#8217; to be primitives. This was largely due to a lack of understanding about the culture of the Aborigines. A cultural group was comprised of two or more tribes that associated with each other for cultural purposes. For example to celebrate corroborees, barter or exchange goods, conduct initiation ceremonies or intermarry. On the Far South Coast of New South Wales early records show that members of the Yuin tribe often associated with those from the Canberra area. These tribes did not associate with the Dharawal tribe of the Shoalhaven, Illawarra and Sydney districts, who gathered from time to time with the Gundungurra of the Goulburn and Camden area. Dance Aborigines held a corroboree in robinson essay, which there were elements of music, song and movement that imitated or replicated animal movements, hunting prowess, battles or ceremonies of initiation that had been conducted for thousands of years. Corroborees are part of Aboriginal culture. They were not simply dances, but were highly significant events and belong to the Australian Aborigines.

A corroboree is resume a ceremonial meeting of Australian Aborigines. The word was coined by the European settlers of purpose of report in business communication, Australia in imitation of the Aboriginal word caribberie. At a corroboree Aborigines interact with the and career, Dreamtime through dance, music and costume. Many ceremonies act out events from the Dreamtime. Term Service. Many of the ceremonies are sacred and people from resume outside a community are not permitted to participate or watch. In the northwest of Australia, corroboree is a generic word to define theatrical practices as different from ceremony. Whether it be public or private, ceremony is for invited guests. Robinson Crusoe Essay. There are other generic words to describe traditional public performances: juju and kobbakobba for example. Resume. In the purpose in business communication, Pilbara, corroborees are yanda or jalarra. Across the Kimberley the word junba is often used to refer to a range of traditional performances and ceremonies. Corroboree and ceremony are strongly connected but different.

In the 1930s Adolphus Elkin wrote of a public pan-Aboriginal dancing #8220;tradition of individual gifts, skill, and ownership#8221; as distinct from the resume, customary practices of appropriate elders guiding initiation and other ritual practices (Elkin 1938:299). Corroborees are open performances in which everyone may participate taking into consideration that the songs and dances are highly structured requiring a great deal of knowledge and on unemployment, skill to perform. Corroboree is a generic word to explain different genres of performance which in the northwest of Australia include balga, wangga, lirrga, junba, ilma and many more. Throughout Australia the word corroboree embraces songs, dances, rallies and meetings of various kinds. In the and career, past a corroboree has been inclusive of papers, sporting events and other forms of skill display. It is an appropriated English word that has been reappropriated to explain a practice that is different to ceremony and more widely inclusive than theatre or opera. And Career. Music The Australian Aborigines used a limited variety of implements to make musical sounds. The didgeridoo (see separate listing) is essays probably the best known, but others included rattles, clapping sticks and two boomerangs clapped together. Resume And Career. However they do not appear to have used drums.

The exception may be the Torres Strait Islander people. Another instrument that wasn#8217;t used, was a flute or whistle. The melodies, tunes, harmonies and rhythms of Aboriginal music included traditional ceremonial songs that were handed down from generation to generation. It was very important in proper, Aboriginal thinking, to replicate the songs that had been first played and sung by the ancestors in the Dreamtime. When the traditional music and songs were used, living men considered themselves to be in the Dreamtime. And Career. Particularly during initiation ceremonies. However #8216;new songs#8217; were created from time to time. They told of important events in the history of the tribe.

Events such as great battles or hunting expeditions. Other songs and music were for paper general amusement or entertainment and early European observations of the Aborigines included camp life where the people played games and sang songs around their camp fires. University/College: University of resume and career, Chicago. Type of paper: Thesis/Dissertation Chapter. Date: 5 January 2017. Let us write you a custom essay sample on Australian Aborigines Indigenous Australians. for only $16.38 $13.9/page.

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Since 2006, the Riggio Honors Program has been a vital part of the School of Writing at The New School, benefitting over resume and career 2000 students, and funding over popular fiction essays in literature 150. Reviving The New School's American Vanguard publishing imprint, we've undertaken—students and faculty—this Digital Documentary of the Riggio program. We've gathered creative work from faculty and students, highlighted programming, explored the history of The 12th Street Journal, and offered reflections on the Riggio experience. You could call them “covers,” these invocations of poems and novels that Dylan slips into his songs on recent recordings, and the collections are effortlessly retitled: Bob Dylan Sings the Exile Poems of Publius Ovividius Naso , Henry Timrod Revisited, Ovid on Ovid, Live from the Black Sea, and resume From Twain to Fitzgerald: Nobody Sings Studies in and history Classic American Literature Better Than Dylan . You might also say they are performed “under cover,” as all this escalating literary traffic tends to fall among Dylan’s many covert operations. Poems and novels infiltrate his songs mostly through the resume and career, camouflage of more flagrant smuggling. Proper Thesis? In “Rollin’ and Tumblin’,” or “Nettie Moore,” or “Summer Days” it’s Muddy Waters, “Gentle Nettie Moore,” and Charlie Patton you register first, and resume and career then only later, if at all, Ovid, Timrod, and The Great Gatsby . Dylan’s literary stealth tilts toward the term paper writing paypal, second story: a bygone Timrod rather than a celebrated Poe, Whitman, or Dickinson; Ovid’s obscurer Tristia over his Metamorphoses . So that when during “Thunder on resume and career the Mountain,” the achebe, lead-in track to Modern Times, Dylan sings, “I’ve been sitting down studying The Art of Love / I think it will fit me like a glove,” that glove is calculated to point at Ovid while also covering up the significant fingerprints here. Of the resume and career, perhaps 20 nods to the Roman poet across the purpose in business, songs that follow none (as far as I can tell) will touch The Art of Love , the Ovidian sleight-of-hand inside Modern Times emanating instead from and career Tristia, Black Sea Letters, The Amores, and his “Cures for Love.” Poems, novels, films, and songs, whatever else they do, direct a conversation with the great dead, and Dylan’s ghostwriting on his last three CDs, Time Out of Mind, “Love and Theft , ” and Modern Times is the purpose of report in business communication, most far-reaching of his career. Late in the 16 th century, historian Jonathan Spence recounts, the Jesuit missionary Matteo Ricci “taught the Chinese how to build a memory palace.

He told them that the size of the and career, palace would depend on how much they wanted to remember . . . One could create modest palaces, or one could build less dramatic structures such as a temple compound, a cluster of government offices, a public hostel, or a merchants’ meeting lodge. If one wished to in literature and history, begin on a still smaller scale, then one could erect a simple reception hall, a pavilion, or a studio . . And Career? . On Unemployment? In summarizing this memory system, he explained that these palaces, pavilions, divans were mental structures to be kept in one’s head, not solid objects to be literally constructed out of ‘real’ materials . . . To everything we wish to and career, remember, wrote Ricci, we should give an image; and to every one of these images we should assign a position where it can repose peacefully until we are ready to reclaim it by robinson slavery an act of memory.” [1] On Modern Times, “Love and Theft,” and Time Out of Mind, Dylan is teaching us how to resume, build a memory palace, “mental structures”—in this instance, songs—that will lodge past and of report writing in business present, the living and the dead. In Chronicles Volume I , his prose investigation of artistic self-invention and re-invention, he concluded his account of and career going inside the New York Public Library to read contemporary newspaper reportage on the Civil War with a spatial image for popular essays and history, his memory that shrinks Ricci’s elate palace to a roadside storage unit. “I crammed my head full of as much of this stuff as I could stand and locked it away in my mind out of sight, left it alone,” Dylan writes. “Figured I could send a truck back for it later.” [2] Echoing Aquinas, Augustine, and Ignatius of resume and career Loyola, Ricci stressed that the dissertation, memory palace must not be envisioned as a passive repository, but by “incorporate[ing] these ‘memories’ of an unlived past into the spiritual present”[3] his mnemonic system was an instrument for spiritual practice with ancient links to resume, alchemy, magic, and writing. “As for those worthy figures who lived a hundred generations ago,” Ricci argued, “although they too are gone, yet thanks to papers on unemployment, the books they left behind we who come after can hear their modes of discourse, observe their grand demeanor, and understand both the good order and the chaos of and career their times, exactly as if we were living among them.”[4] Or, as Dylan sings in achebe “Rollin’ and Tumblin’”: Well, the and career, night’s filled with shadows, the years are filled with early doom. The night is essays by chinua achebe, filled with shadows, the years are filled with early doom. I’ve been conjuring up all these long dead souls from their crumblin’ tombs.

Making the dead available to the living, the memory palace proposes a mechanism for rendering all time—past, present, future—modern times. Resume And Career? Since in this little verse of proper essay structure thesis “Rollin’ and Tumblin’” the resume, opening repeated phrases derive from “Our Willie,” an 1865 poem by Timrod, and the final line comes from Ovid’s poem of c. 16 BCE The Amores , and both are cut inside a blues out of of report writing in business Hambone Willie Newbern and Muddy Waters, Dylan manages at once here to describe and embody that mechanism. As a culture we appear to have forgotten how to experience works of art, or at least how to talk about them plausibly or smartly. A latest instance was the “controversy” in the fall of 2006 shadowing Dylan’s recurrent adaptation of phrases from poems by and career Henry Timrod, a nearly vanished 19 th century American poet, essayist, and Civil War newspaper correspondent, for Modern Times . That our most gifted and ambitious songwriter would revive Timrod on a No. 1 best-selling CD across America, Europe, and Australia might prompt a lively concatenation of responses ranging from “Huh? Henry Timrod? Isn’t that interesting . Popular Fiction Essays In Literature? . .” to “Why?” But narrowing the and career, Dylan/Timrod phenomenon (see the New York Times article “Who’s This Guy Dylan Who’s Borrowing Lines From Henry Timrod?” and a subsequent op ed piece “The Ballad of Henry Timrod” by singer-songwriter Suzanne Vega) into possible plagiarism is to in literature, confuse, well, art with a term paper. And Career? [5] Timrod was born in Charleston, South Carolina, in 1828, his arrival in this world falling two years after Stephen Foster and proper essay structure thesis two years before Emily Dickinson. And Career? His work, too, might be styled as falling between theirs: sometimes dark and skeptical, other times mawkish, old-fashioned. These are passages from five Timrod poems Dylan recast for “When the Deal Goes Down”:

There is a wisdom that grows up in strife, And one—I like it best—that that sits at purpose of report home. And learns its lessons of a thoughtful ease. From a sonnet, “I thank you, kind and resume and career best beloved friend”: If I, indeed, divine their meaning truly, And not unto myself ascribe, unduly, Things which you neither meant nor wished to popular, say, Oh! Tell me, is the hope then all misplaced? From “Two Portraits”: Still stealing on with pace so slow.

Yourself will scarcely feel the glow . . . From “A Rhapsody of a Southern Winter Night”: These happy stars, and yonder setting moon, Have seen me speed, unreckoned and untasked, A round of precious hours. Oh! here, where in that summer noon I basked, And strove, with logic frailer than the resume and career, flowers, To justify a life of sensuous rest,

A question dear as home or heaven was asked, And without language answered. I was blest! From “A Vision of Poesy”: A strange far look would come into his eyes, As if he saw a vision in the skies. [6] Dylan, I’m guessing, is fascinated by both aspects of proper thesis Timrod, the antique alongside the brooding. Often tagged the resume, “laureate of the Confederacy”—a title apparently conferred upon him by none other than Tennyson—he still shows up in anthologies because of essays poems he wrote celebrating and then mourning the and career, new Southern nation, particularly “Ethnogenesis” and “Ode Sung on the Occasion of Decorating the popular fiction in literature, Graves of the Confederate Dead at Magnolia Cemetery.” Early on, Whittier and Longfellow admired Timrod, and his “Ode” stands behind Allen Tate’s “Ode to and career, the Confederate Dead” (and thus in turn behind Robert Lowell’s “For the Union Dead”). On Modern Times Dylan shuns anthology favorites, but his album focuses at least 13 instances of communication phrases spread across five songs—“Spirit on the Water,” “Workingman’s Blues #2,” “Beyond the resume and career, Horizon,” “Rollin’ and Tumblin’,” and “When the Deal Goes Down”—culled from as many as eight Timrod poems, mostly poems about love, friendship, loss, death, and poetry. (Note: “Katie” and “To Thee,” besides the six Timrod poems already noted.) Dylan quoted Timrod’s “Charleston” in “’Cross the Green Mountain,” a song he contributed to the soundtrack of the 2003 Civil War film Gods and Generals . Term Paper Writing Service? Two years earlier he glanced at “Vision of Poesy” for and career, “Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum” on proper structure thesis “ Love and Theft.” For “Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum,” Dylan cribbed those “stately trees” and “secrets of the breeze” from resume Timrod’s “A Vision of Poesy,” as well as the epigrammatic, “A childish dream is a deathless need,” and the ensuing rhyme of “need” and “creed.” On Modern Times Timrod accents texture, tone, and atmosphere.

For “Spirit on the Water,” Dylan found “explain / The sources of this hidden pain” in “Two Portraits.” For “Workingman’s Blues #2” he located “to feed my soul with thought” in “To Thee,” and that rhyming “lover’s breath” and by chinua “a temporary death” also in “Two Portraits.” “Beyond the Horizon” teases out at least four Timrod poems—“In the and career, long hours of twilight” arriving via “A Vision of Poesy”; “mortal bliss” from proper thesis “Our Willie”; “an angel’s kiss” from “A Rhapsody of a Southern Winter Night”; and those chiming “bells of resume St. Mary” from “Katie.” Dylan often absorbs Timrod by reversing or otherwise varying the original sense—“But not to essays, feed my soul with thought,” Timrod wrote; and and career sleeping “virtues” rather than sleep itself intersected “a temporary death.”[7] “I always try to turn a song on its head,” Dylan told Robert Hilburn in a 2004 interview about by chinua, songwriting. And Career? “Otherwise, I figure I’m wasting the listener’s time.” [8] The pining strains of Timrod’s inflections notably complement the ‘20s, ‘30s, and ‘40s popular singers Dylan steadily evokes on Modern Times , such as Bing Crosby, who presumably too is robinson, acknowledged here, also via that reference to The Bells of St. Mary’s . Perhaps more surprisingly, Timrod does not (as far as I can tell) grace “Nettie Moore,” Dylan’s revisiting of resume “Gentle Nettie Moore” (aka “The Little White Cottage”), a minstrelsy song about of report in business, a young girl sold into slavery published by Marshall S. Pike and James S. Pierpont in 1857. But Henry Timrod, I want to resume and career, suggest, might only inscribe another deep-cover Dylan covert operation, a deflective gesture intended to divert our scrutiny from the actual priority of Ovid on Modern Times . Dissertation Papers On Unemployment? During his sophomore year at resume and career Hibbing High School Robert Zimmerman joined the Latin Club, and once recognized, Ovid is on unemployment, everywhere, Tristia , Black Sea Letters , “Cures for Love,” and The Amores , all in translations by Peter Green: the early love poems, certainly, but especially the poems Ovid wrote after he was exiled by resume Augustus to Tomis, on proper the shores of the Black Sea, perhaps because of his scandalous verses, perhaps because of still-enigmatic offenses against the Empire.[9] From “Spirit on resume and career the Water,” “Rollin’ and Tumblin’,” and “Someday Baby” through “Workingman’s Blues #2,” “Nettie Moore,” “The Levee’s Gonna Break,” and “Ain’t Talkin’,” at least seven of the ten songs refocus language, often entire lines from term Green’s Ovid, and the Ovidian netting emerges as more ubiquitous than any of the Dylan websites have so far indicated.[10] Amid variations for resume and career, his own metrical designs, Dylan pirates locutions no songwriter would need to writing communication, steal from a Latin poet, since they sound like they already spring from old blues, country, and rockabilly lyrics—“a face that begs for love,” “am I wrong in thinking / That you have forgotten me,” “I swear I ain’t gonna touch another one for years,” “dearer to resume and career, me than myself, as you yourself can see,” “you got me so hooked,” and structure “I want to resume, be with you any way I can.” [11] During the anatomy of his reading in Chronicles , Dylan recalls that on the shelves of Ray Gooch’s New York library, “Ovid’s Metamorphoses , the scary horror tale, was next to the autobiography of Davy Crockett.”[12] Here, classical mythology jostles American legend. Publius Ovidius Naso was born into a landed-gentry family at Sulmo (now Sulmona) in central Italy in 43 B.C. As Green observes for his introduction to The Poems of paper writing Exile , this was “the year after Caesar’s assassination” and Ovid “grew up during the violent death throes of the Roman Republic.”[13] Ovid published a version of The Amores as early as 15 B.C., soon followed by Heroides, The Art of and career Love , Remedia Amoris , Metamorphoses , and Fasti . Augustus exiled him to by chinua achebe, Tomis (now Constanta) in A.D.

8. And Career? “It was two offenses undid me,” Ovid alleged in Tristia , “a poem and an error: / on purpose of report writing communication the second, my lips are sealed.”[14] One genealogical angle on the Dylan/Ovid connection is that in resume and career Chronicles he traces his own family back to the cities and towns along the Black Sea. “My grandmother’s voice possessed a haunting accent,” he reports, “face always set in dissertation a half?despairing expression. . . . Originally, she’d come from Turkey, sailed from and career Trabzon, a port town across the Black Sea.” He links Odessa—the city his grandmother traveled from to robinson crusoe slavery, America—to Duluth: “the same kind of temperament, climate and landscape and right on the edge of a big body of water.”[15] I’m guessing that Green’s translations appeal to Dylan because Green himself is so mercurial a verbal trickster, and there are moments when Ovid even appears to be channeling early Dylan. “You better think twice,” Green has Ovid advising on resume and career the same page of The Amores where Dylan would have discovered, “Catch your opponents sleeping / And unarmed. Just slaughter them where they lie.” [16] Ovid is talking about dissertation papers on unemployment, lovers and resume bedroom maneuvers here, and term paper service paypal much as Timrod, he insinuates ambiance, timber, and character across Modern Times . Along with those “crumbling tombs” for “Rollin’ and Tumblin’” (or as Green blues-ily translates Ovid: “She conjures up long-dead souls from their crumbling sepulchres / And has incantations to split the solid earth.”), Dylan plucked that “house-boy” and “well-trained maid” from The Amores , albeit in a neat inversion. Whereas now it’s the singer who’s “nobody’s houseboy,” and “nobody’s well-trained maid,” Ovid originally advised a Roman gentleman intent on seduction, “You must get yourself a houseboy / And a well-trained maid, who can hint / What gifts will be welcome.” An ostensibly Katrina-esque detail from and career “The Levee’s Gonna Break”—“Some people got barely enough skin to crusoe slavery essay, cover their bones”—first appeared in Tristia amidst Ovid’s description of resume and career his own harsh life in Tomis, after his exile from Rome. For “Someday Baby” Dylan gleaned “I’m gonna drive you from your home just like I was driven from mine” from a contrast Ovid posed between his own fate on the Black Sea and the journey of purpose writing in business Odysseus: “He was making for his homeland / A cheerful victor: I was driven from mine, / fugitive, exile, victim.” [17] Yet Ovid, unlike Timrod, also furnished essential structural scaffolding for songs on Modern Times , yielding transitions and key images.

The strongest songs are all but unthinkable without Ovid, at least Green’s Ovid. The devastating final tag of the chorus for and career, “Nettie Moore”—“The world has gone black before my eyes”—issues from a dream vision in The Amores . Beyond the bluesy phrases already noted, a partial inventory for purpose in business, “Workingman’s Blues #2” tracks “My cruel weapons have been put on the shelf,” “No one can ever claim / That I took up arms against you,” and “I’m all alone and and career I’m expecting you / To lead me off in essays by chinua achebe a cheerful dance” back to and career, Tristia .[18] Ovid loops through “Ain’t Talking” as insistently as the crusoe, “Heart’s burning, still yearning” refrain Dylan imported from the Stanley Brothers: If I catch my opponents ever sleeping, I’ll just slaughter them where the lie. They will tear your mind away from contemplation. All my loyal and resume and career my much-loved companions. They approve of me and share my code. Make the essay structure thesis, most of and career one last extra hour. I practice a faith that’s long-abandoned. Who says I can’t get heavenly aid?

The suffering is unending. Every nook and cranny has its tears. I’m not nursing any superfluous fears. In the last outback at the world’s end[19] Each of these vitalizing lines, again calibrated by term writing service paypal elisions and reversals, arise from resume and career Tristia , The Amores , and term writing service paypal Black Sea Letters . Ovid famously was a skilled gardener—“Yet does not my heart still year for those long-lost meadows . . . those gardens set amid pine-clad hills,” as he wrote in the first of resume The Black Sea Letters . So pervasive is his imprint on “Ain’t Talkng” that it’s tempting to set the song in robinson slavery the abandoned gardens of his country villa. “There’s no one here,” Dylan sings, “the gardener is gone.”[20] From the dustup in the Times— after our paper of record found a middle school teacher who branded Dylan “duplicitous,” Suzanne Vega earnestly supposed that Dylan probably hadn’t filched the texts “on purpose”—you might not know we just lived through a century of Modernism. For Timrod and Ovid are just the tantalizing threshold into Dylan’s vast memory palace of resume echoes. Besides Ovid and Timrod, for instance, Modern Times taps into the Bible ( Genesis , Exodus , Samuel , John , Luke , among others), Tennyson, Robert Johnson, Memphis Minnie, Kokomo Arnold, Muddy Waters, Sonny Boy Williamson, Blind Lemon Jefferson, the Stanley Brothers, Merle Haggard, Hoagy Carmichael, Cole Porter, Jerome Kern, standards popularized by Jeanette MacDonald, Crosby, and Frank Sinatra, as well as vintage folk songs like “Wild Mountain Thyme,” or “Frankie and Albert.” Still more astonishing, though, his prior two recordings Time Out of Mind and “Love and Theft” could be described as rearranging the entire American musical and literary landscape of the papers, past 150 years, except the resume and career, sources he adapts aren’t always American or so recent. Please forgive another Homeric catalogue, but the scale and range of essays Dylan’s allusive textures are vital to an appreciation of what he’s after on his recent recordings.

On Time Out of Mind and “Love and Theft” he refracts folk, blues, and pop songs created by or associated with Crosby, Sinatra, Charlie Patton, Woody Guthrie, Blind Willie McTell, Doc Boggs, Leroy Carr, Bessie Smith, Billie Holiday, Elvis Presley, Blind Willie Johnson, Big Joe Turner, Wilbert Harrison, the Carter Family, and Gene Austin, alongside anonymous traditional tunes and nursery rhymes. And Career? But the revelation involves the dissertation, cavalcade of film and resume literature fragments: W. C. Fields, the Marx Brothers, assorted film noirs, As You Like It , Othello, Robert Burns, Lewis Carroll, Huckleberry Finn , The Aeneid , The Great Gatsby , Junichi Saga’s Confessions of a Yakuza, Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest, and Wise Blood . So crafty are Dylan’s reconstructions for “Love and Theft” that I wouldn’t be surprised if someday we learn every bit of speech— no matter how intimate, or Dylanesque—can be trailed back to another song, poem, movie, or novel. One conventional approach to Dylan’s songwriting references “folk process” and recognizes that he’s always operated as a magpie, recovering and transforming hand-me-down materials, lyrics, tunes, even film dialogue (notably on his 1985 album Empire Burlesque ). Folk process can readily map the associations linking “It Ain’t Me Babe” and “Go ‘Way from My Window,” or tail his variations on traditional blues triplets on “Rollin’ and Tumblin’.” In his interview with Hillburn, Dylan illustrated his folk process, remarking that he “meditates” on a song. Robinson Slavery? “I’ll be playing Bob Nolan’s ‘Tumbling Tumbleweeds,’ for instance, in my head constantly—while I’m driving a car or talking to a person or sitting around or whatever. People will think they are talking to me and resume I’m talking back, but I’m not. Dissertation Papers? I’m listening to the song in my head. At a certain point, some of the words will change and I’ll start writing a song.” [21] Yet what about Ovid and resume Timrod, or Twain, Fitzgerald, O’ Connor, and Confessions of a Yakuza ? It’s no stretch to imagine a writer rehearsing Timrod’s “A childish dream is now a deathless need,” or Ovid’s “I’m in the last outback at the world’s end,” on purpose writing in business communication the way to a song.

But the lyrics that draw on resume and career multiple Ovid and Timrod poems, and shrewdly tweak the sources? That play Ovid against Timrod, or merge the two into a single verse? Might that require books, notes, other constellations of intention? Perhaps along the lines of what Dylan said of dissertation on unemployment painter Norman Raeben and Blood on and career the Tracks— “He put my mind and my hand and my eye together, in a way that . . Essays Achebe? . did consciously what I used to resume, do unconsciously”?[22] Folk process probably validates Dylan in on unemployment his current designs, but if those allusive gestures are also folk process, then a folk process pursued with such intensity, scope, audacity, and resume and career verve eventually explodes into Modernism. Dylan seems galvanized by dissertation papers the ways folk process bumps up against Modernism, and the practices of the great blues songwriters intersect the inter-textual dispositions of the Classical poets.

As far back as “Desolation Row,” he sang of “Ezra Pound and T. S. Eliot / Fighting in the captain’s tower / While calypso singers laugh at resume and career them / And fishermen hold flowers.” His emphatic nods to proper thesis, the past on Time Out Of Mind, “Love and Theft” and Modern Times probably can best be apprehended as instances of Modernist collage. If we think of Modernist collages as verbal echo chambers of harmonizing and clashing reverberations, then they tend to organize into resume and career two types. Those collaged texts, like Pound’s Cantos or Eliot’s “The Waste Land,” where we are meant to robinson essay, remark the discrepant tones and idioms of the original texts bumping up against one other; and those collaged texts, composed by poets as various as Kenneth Fearing, Lorine Niedecker, Frank Bidart, and John Ashbery, that aim for an apparently seamless surface. A model of the former is the ending to “The Waste Land”: London Bridge is falling down falling down falling down. Poi s’ascose nel foco che gli affina. Quando fiam ceu chelidon —O swallow swallow.

Le Prince d’Aquitaine a la tour abolie. These fragments I have shored against my ruins. Why then Ile fit you. Hieronymo’s mad againe. Datta. Dayadhvam. Damyata. Shantih shantih shantih [23] The following passage by Frank Bidart, from resume his poem “The Second Hour of the Night,” proves as allusive as Eliot’s, nearly every line rearranging elements assembled not only from Ovid, his main source for the Myrrha story, but also Plotinus and purpose writing in business communication even Eliot. But instead of incessant fragmentation, we experience narrative sweep and urgency: As Myrrha is drawn down the dark corridor toward her father.

not free not to resume and career, desire. what draws her forward is neither COMPULSION nor FREEWILL:— or at least freedom, here choice, is not to be. imagined as action upon. preference: no creature is free to choose what. allows it its most powerful, and most secret, release: I fulfill it, because I contain it— it prevails, because it is within me— it is a heavy burden, setting up longing to enter that. realm to slavery, which I am called from resume within . . Dissertation On Unemployment? . As Myrrha is and career, drawn down the dark corridor toward her father.

not free not to choose. she thinks, To each soul its hour .[24] Dylan’s songwriting inclines toward the cagier, deflected Bidart-Ashbery-Fearing-Neidecker Modernist mode. We would scarcely realize we are inside a collage unless someone told us, or we abruptly seized on a familiar locution. The wonder of the dozen or so nuggets Dylan sifted from Confessions of a Yakuza for robinson crusoe slavery, “Love and resume and career Theft” is how casual and personal they sound dropped into his songs, a sentence once about a bookmaker reemerging as an papers, aside on marriage in and career “Floater”: “A good bookie makes all the difference in a gambling joint—it’s up to him whether a session comes alive or falls flat.”[25] Not one of structure thesis those “ Love and Theft” songs, of course, is remotely about a Yakuza, or gangster of any persuasion. The issue of what we gain if we heed the multifarious allusions lodges a more tangled crux. And Career? For a long time I preferred to think of the phrases as curios of vernacular speech picked up from slavery essay Dylan’s listening or reading that slant his songs into something like collective, as against individual utterances, and only locally influence his designs. And Career? But after immersion in Ovid and Timrod, it’s hard to miss both grand and specific calculations. Slavery Essay? Dylan manifestly is, for instance, fixated on the American Civil War. “The age that I was living in didn’t resemble this age,” as he wrote in Chronicles , “but it did in some mysterious and traditional way. Not just a little bit, but a lot. There was a broad spectrum and commonwealth that I was living upon, and the basic psychology of that life was every bit a part of it.

If you turned the light towards it, you could see the full complexity of human nature. Back there, America was put on the cross, died, and resume was resurrected. There was nothing synthetic about dissertation, it. Resume And Career? The godawful truth of that would be the all-encompassing template behind everything I would write.” [26] His 2003 film Masked Anonymous takes place against the backdrop of another interminable domestic war during an term paper service paypal, unspecified future. Dylan sees links between the Civil War and America now—the echoes from and career Timrod help him frame and sustain those links. Ovid too lived through the structure, assassination of Julius Caesar, the violent Roman internal conflicts, and wrote at the start of the Pax Augusta. Even the tibits of Yakusa oral history irradiate the terrain. On recordings steeped in empire, war, corruption, masks, moral failure, male power, and resume self-delusion, aren’t Tokyo racketeers as apt as Charlie Patton or the Carter family? Ovid and Timrod (or Twain, O’Connor, and Fitzgerald) should not be mistaken for a high-brow alternative to the “old weird America” of Dock Boggs; they’re an extension of it.

Exile, ghosts, romantic and spiritual abandonment, wary dawn departures, an writing in business communication, abiding death-in-life—the devastated inflections of Tristia and Black Sea Letters offer the closest analogue in poetry I know to Time Out of Mind , particularly to “Love Sick,” “Not Dark Yet,” “Tryin’ to Get to Heaven,” and “Highlands.” Ovid obsessively revisits his apprehension that he “made a few bad turns”: . . . Resume? yet sick though my body is, my mind is of report writing, sicker. from endless contemplation of its woes. Absent the city scene, absent my dear companions, absent (none closer to my heart) my wife: what’s here is a Scythian rabble, a mob of trousered Getae— troubles seen and unseen both prey on and career my mind. One hope alone in all this brings me some consolation— that my troubles may be soon cut short by death. [27] The phantoms of term writing service paypal Ovid and Timrod transform individual songs. Resume And Career? Dylan’s “Rollin’ and Tumblin’” pushes past the eroticism—and erotic anger—of the Hambone Willie Newbern and papers Muddy Waters versions towards something like forgiveness: “Let’s forgive each other, darlin’, let’s go down to the Greenwood Glen.” The axle of that forgiveness is the sudden nod to mortality in the verse I quoted earlier about the “long dead souls” and their “crumbling tombs,” out of Ovid. Yet isn’t our alertness to mortality also deepened after we know that the prior repeated line that Dylan reshaped from Timrod, “Well, the night is filled with shadows, the years are filled with early doom,” draws on “Our Willie,” a heart-sore, self-accusing poem about the death of the poet’s son?[28] Similarly, isn’t the haunted and inconsolable refrain from resume and career “Nettie Moore”—“the world has gone black before my eyes”—still more haunted and inconsolable after we return the line to term paypal, Ovid’s nightmare vision about “the stain of adultery” in The Amores ? In “Workingman’s Blues #2” Dylan persistently roots his litany of the troubles of globalization in references to and career, Ovid’s exile from Rome, as though the poet (and his poems) were only the term paper service paypal, first victims of outsourcing among the and career, “proletariat.” “Ain’t Talkin’,” as submitted earlier, all but namechecks Ovid’s dark, bitter personal story, reclaiming his grief and anger, his vengeance and narratives of a “world gone wrong” as Dylan’s own. When Dylan lifts from Ovid and Timrod, the phrases often occur during passages where the original poets discuss their art. Essays By Chinua Achebe? That “cheerful dance” and those “countless foes” are items in Ovid’s reply to a friend who urged him to “divert these mournful days with writing.”[29] As Dylan sings, “I practice a faith that’s long abandoned,” he glances at a section of Tristia where Ovid is resume and career, reflecting on the quandaries of achebe keeping his Latin alive amidst the “barbaric” languages of resume and career Tomis:

Yet, to prevent my voice being muted. in my native speech, lest I lose the common use. of the Latin tongue, I converse with myself, I practice. terms long abandoned, retrace my sullen art’s. ill-fated sins. Thus I drag out my life and time, thus. tear my mind from the contemplation of my woes. Through writing I seek an anodyne to term, misery: if my studies. Win me such a reward, that is enough. [30] Even when Ovid exclaimed, “I want to be with you any way I can,” he was not addressing a lover but his audience back in Rome reading the new poems he was sending them from the Black Sea.

Finally, Timrod’s recurrently invoked “A Vision of Poesy” traces in fanciful, mythic guises the curious route that might guide a boy born of “humble parentage” in Charleston, South Carolina, say, or in Duluth, Minnesota, to resume and career, poetry. During his incisive entry on Street Legal for The Bob Dylan Encyclopedia, Michael Gray argues that, “Every song deals with love’s betrayal, with Dylan’s being betrayed like Christ, and, head on, with the need to abandon woman’s love.”[31] On Time Out of Mind , and especially “Love and Theft ” and Modern Times , art and tradition—I wish to propose—now seize the ground zero once occupied by love, and dissertation papers later God. Dylan always emphasized the traditional footing of his writing. Resume? “My songs, what makes them different is that there’s a foundation to them,” he told Jon Pareles. Proper Essay Thesis? “They’re standing on resume and career a strong foundation, and term paper writing subliminally that’s what people are hearing.”[32] Yet the current intensification of resume his allusive scale is undeniable. Without ever winking, Dylan proves canny and sophisticated about all this, though after a fashion that recall’s Laurence Sterne’s celebrated attack on plagiarism, itself plagiarized from The Anatomy of Melancholy . Proper Thesis? On “Summer Days” from “Love and Theft” Dylan sings: She’s looking into my eyes, and she’s a-holding my hand. She looking into my eyes, she’s holding my hand, She says, “You can’t repeat the past,” I say, “You can’t?

What do you mean you can’t? Of course, you can.” His puckish, snaky lines dramatize precisely how one can, in fact, “repeat the past,” since the lyrics slyly reproduce a conversation from and career The Great Gatsby . Writing Paypal? [33]On Modern Times , Dylan veers from mediumistic—“I’ve been conjuring up these long dead souls from resume and career their crumblin’ tombs”—to self-mocking: “I’m so hard pressed, my mind tied up in knots / I keep recycling the same old thoughts.” When asked what he believed by David Gates during a 1996 interview in Newsweek , Dylan replied, “I find the religiosity and philosophy in essay structure thesis the music. And Career? I don’t find it anywhere else. Songs like ‘Let Me Rest on papers a Peaceful Mountain’ or ‘I Saw the Light’—that’s my religion. I don’t adhere to rabbis, preachers, evangelists, all of resume and career that. I’ve learned more from the achebe, songs than I’ve learned from any of this kind of resume and career entity. The songs are my lexicon. I believe the songs.”[34] Let’s presume that by popular essays and history “songs” Dylan now also must mean poems, such as Ovid’s or Henry Timrod’s, and novels, such as Fitzgerald’s, along with traditional folk hymns and blues. Speaking to his 16 th century Chinese listeners, Matteo Ricci affirmed the imperative of “good roots or foundation,”[35] and conceived the memory palace he offered them inside a Renaissance visionary architecture that “not only resume and career performs the office of conserving for us the things, words and acts which we confide to it . . . but also gives us true wisdom.” [36]

In The Memory Palace of Matteo Ricci , Jonathan Spence quotes Augustine from the Confessions , “Perchance it might be properly said, ‘there be three times; a present of things past, a present of things present, and a present of things future.’”[37] Dylan, too, as far back as his Renaldo and Clara pressed the eternizing powers of essay art. Resume And Career? “The movie creates and holds the slavery essay, time,” he told Jonathan Cott. And Career? “That’s what it should do—it should hold that time, breathe in on unemployment that time and stop time in resume doing that.”[38] Or, as he again sketched Blood on the Tracks, “Everybody agrees that was pretty different, and what’s different about fiction in literature and history, it is that there’s a code in the lyrics and also there’s no sense of time. There’s no respect for it: you’ve got yesterday, today and tomorrow all in the same room, and resume and career there’s little that you can’t imagine not happening.” [39] All in the same room . Proper Essay Thesis? Dylan’s “conjuring,” as he might say, and as Ovid did say, of the dead on Time Out of Mind , “Love and Theft,” and Modern Times stands among the most daring, touching, and resume and career original signatures of his art. Who else—or who besides classical Roman poets—writes, has ever written, songs as layered and textured as these? Sheltering the popular fiction, dead among the living, his memory palace tips past into present, but conjurers inevitably summon also the and career, shadows ahead. “Whatever music you love, it didn’t come from nowhere,” Dylan recently advanced on fiction essays and history his radio show, and Theme Time Radio Hour is another wing of resume and career his memory palace. “It’s always good to know what went down before you, because if you know the dissertation papers on unemployment, past, you can control the and career, future.”[40] [1] Jonathan D. Spence, The Memory Palace of popular fiction essays Matteo Ricci (New York: Penguin, 1984), pp.

1-2. [2] Bob Dylan, Chronicles Volume I (New York, Simon Schuster, 2004), p. 86. [5] See New York Times for September 14, 2006 and September 17, 2006. [6] All Timrod quotations are drawn from Poems of Henry Timrod with Memoir and Portrait (B. F. Johnson Publishing Co., Richmond, 1901, and and career reprinted in on unemployment facsimile by resume and career Kessinger Publishing). Also helpful: Walter Brian Cisco’s Henry Timrod: A Biography (Madison: Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 2004). [7] For passages where there are even minor departures between Dylan and Timrod, and when I do not quote the proper essay structure, Timrod source elsewhere in this essay, here are the relevant Timrod “originals”: “How then, O weary one!

Explain / The sources of that hidden pain?” (“Two Portraits”); “You will perceive that in the breast / The germs of many virtues rest, // Which, ere they feel a lover’s breath, / Lie in a temporary death . . And Career? .” (“Two Portraits”); “Ah! Christ forgive us for the crime / Which drowned the term paper service, memories of the and career, time / In a merely mortal bliss!” (“Our Willie”); “And o’er the city sinks and swells / The chime of old St. Popular And History? Mary’s bells . . .” (“Katie”). [8] Jonathan Cott (editor), Bob Dylan: The Essential Interviews (New York: Wenner Books), p. 432. [9] Green’s translations can be found in Ovid, The Erotic Poems (London: Penguin Books, 1982) and Ovid, The Poems of Exile (Berkeley: University of California Press, 2005). And Career? Dylan studied Latin for two years at essays Hibbing High School, but was Ovid among the authors he translated? During my own sophomore Latin class at Boston College High School, we read the “Pyramis and resume Thisbe” story from Book IV of The Metamorphoses . It was also at term paper BC High that I first encountered Matteo Ricci, a hero for and career, the Jesuits who taught and resided there, and during a senior year Asian Studies course we were assigned an early biography of the Jesuit missionary to proper essay structure thesis, China, Vincent Cronin’s The Wise Man from the West (New York: EP Dutton, 1955). Resume And Career? Any mention of “memory” in proximity to robinson, Bob Dylan inevitably must also be indebted to Robert Cantwell’s brilliant chapter on Harry Smith and Robert Fludd, “Smith’s Memory Theater,” in resume When We Were Good (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1996). I also benefited from Francis A. Yates’s The Art of Memory (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1966), and an anthology edited by Mary Carruthers and Jan M. Paper Writing Service Paypal? Ziolkowski, The Medieval Craft of Memory (Philadelphia: University of resume and career Pennsylvania Press, 2002).

[11] Or as these lines and phrases appear in Green’s translations: “The facts demand Censure, the face begs for love—and gets it . . .” ( The Amores , Bk. 3, Section 11B); “May the essays by chinua, gods grant that my complaint’s unfounded / that I’m wrong in thinking you’ve forgotten me!” ( Tristia, Bk. Resume And Career? V, Section 13); “Revulsion making you wish you’d never had a woman / And swear you won’t touch one again for essays and history, years…” (“Cures for Love,” ll.416-7); “…wife dearer to me than myself, you yourself can see . . .” ( Tristia, Bk. V, Section 14); “This girl’s got me hooked . . .” ( The Amores, Bk. And Career? 1, Section 3); and “ I want to be with you any way I can . . . ” ( Tristia , Bk. V, Section 1) [12] Dylan, Chronicles , pp. 36-37. By referencing “the scary horror tale” (not tales ) might he be conflating Ovid ( Metamorphoses ) and Kafka ( The Metamorphosis )? Is this mention of Ovid in Chronicles an early signal of popular fiction essays and history his interest in the Roman poet for Modern Times ? [13] Green, “Introduction” to The Poems of Exile , xix. [15] Dylan, Chronicles , pp. Resume And Career? 92-93.

[16] The Amores , Bk. Writing Paypal? 1, Section 9. [17] For the Ovid/Green sources: “Crumbling sepulchers,” etc. from resume The Amores , Bk. 1, Section 8. “Houseboy,” etc. from The Amores , Bk. 1, Section 8. “Barely enough skin,” etc, from Tristisa , Bk. Term Writing Service? IV, Section 6 (“I lack my old strength and colour, / there’s barely enough skin to cover my bones . . .”). “Driven from resume mine,” etc. from on unemployment Tristia, Bk.

I, Section 5. [18] For the resume and career, Ovid/Green sources: “’ . . . The bruise on her breast bears witness / To the stain of adultery.’ There his interpretation ended. Essay Structure? At those words the and career, blood ran freezing/ From my face, and the world went black before my eyes . . .” ( The Amores , Bk. 3, Section 5). “Show mercy, I beg you, shelve your cruel weapons . . .” ( Tristia, Bk. Essays By Chinua? II). “You write that I should divert these mournful days with writing . . . Resume? Priam, you’re saying, should have fun fresh from his son’s funeral, / or Niobe, bereaved, lead off some cheerful dance . Essays And History? . .” ( Tristia? Bk. V, Section 12). [19] As these various lines appear in Ovid/Green: “Catch your opponents sleeping / And unarmed. And Career? Just slaughter them where they lie . . .” ( The Amores , Book 1, Section 9). “I practice / terms long abandoned, retrace my sullen art’s / ill-fated signs. Thus I drag out my life and purpose time, thus / tear my mind from the contemplation of resume and career my woes . . .” ( Tristia , Bk. V, Section 7). Of Report Communication? “[L]oyal and and career much-loved companions, bonded in brotherhood . . .This may well be my final chance to embrace them—let me make the purpose in business, most of one last extra hour . . .” ( Tristia , Bk. I, Section 3). “ . Resume And Career? . . even here you’re already familiar to paper writing paypal, the native tribesmen, / who approve, and share, your code . . .” ( Black Sea Letters , Bk. And Career? 3, Section 2). Proper Essay Structure? “Though I lack such heroic / stature, who says I can’t get heavenly aid / when a god’s angry with me?” ( Tristia , Bk.

I, Section 2). “The whole house / mourned at my obsequies—men, women, even children, / every nook and corner had its tears . . .” ( Tristia , Bk. I, Section 3). “Of this I’ve no doubt—but the very dread of misfortune / often drives me to nurse superfluous fears . . .” ( Black Sea Letters? Bk. II. Section 7). “Some places make exile/ milder, but there’s no more dismal land than this / beneath either pole. And Career? It helps to be near your country’s borders: / I’m in the last outback, at the world’s end . . .” ( Black Sea Letters , Bk. II, Section 7). [20] Ovid on his garden is from Black Sea Letters , Bk. Proper? I, Section 8. But Ovid’s garden in “Ain’t Talkin’”?

Or Tennyson’s (via “Maud”), as Christopher Ricks proposes? The Garden of Eden? God (or Christ) appears often in the guise of a gardener in Renaissance poems. And Career? A case can also be made that the absent gardener at the finish is the term writing service, singer himself, unconscious (perhaps even dead) after he was “hit from behind” in the opening verse, and presiding over the scene as a ghost. [22] Dylan quoted by and career Michael Gray in dissertation on unemployment The Bob Dylan Encyclopedia (New York: Continuum, 2006) in his entry on Raeben, p. 561.

[23] T. S. Resume? Eliot, “The Waste Land” (1922) in by chinua achebe Collected Poems 1909-1962 (New York: Harcourt, 1991), p. And Career? 69. [24] Frank Bidart, “The Second Hour of the Night,” in essays achebe Desire (New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux), p. 46. [25] Junichi Saga, Confessions of a Yakuza (Tokyo: Kodansha International, 1991), pp. And Career? 153-4. The Dylan lines, from “Floater (Too Much to purpose writing in business communication, Ask),” run: “Never seen him quarrel with my mother even once/ Things come alive or they fall flat.” [27] Tristia, Bk. Resume? IV, Section 6. [28] Timrod, from “Our Willie”: “By that sweet grave, in that dark room,/ We may weave at will for each other’s ear,/ Of that life, and that love, and that early doom/ The tale which is shadowed here…” [29] “…I’m barred from relaxation/ in a place ringed by countless foes.” ( Tristia , Bk. V, Section 12). Service? Also see above, Note 13. [33] F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby (1925). As Nick says of Gatsby in Chapter 6: “He broke off and resume began to walk up and down a desolate path of fruit rinds and term paper writing discarded favors and crushed flowers. ‘I wouldn’t ask too much of her,’ I ventured. ‘You can’t repeat the past.’ ‘Can’t repeat the past?’ he cried incredulously. ‘Why of resume and career course you can!’

He looked around him wildly, as if the past were lurking here in structure thesis the shadow of his house, just out of and career reach of his hand.” [34] David Gates, “Dylan Revisited,” reprinted in Studio A: The Bob Dylan Reader , edited by essays by chinua achebe Benjamin Hedin (New York: Norton, 2004), p. 236. [36] Spence, p. 20. He is and career, quoting Guilio Camillo (Delminio) on his 16 th century “memory theatre.” [40] Dylan quoted in MOJO , April, 2007. p. 34. Read Robert Polito’s statement about The Riggio Honors Program: Writing Democracy. Robert Polito, Director of Writing Programs; Professor of Writing, PhD, English Romanticism, Harvard University. Born in Boston, he is a poet, biographer, cultural critic, and editor who received his Ph.D. in popular fiction essays and history English and and career American Language and Literature from Harvard. His most recent books are the poetry collection Hollywood God , which was selected one of the top five poetry books of the year by Barnes and Noble, The Complete Film Writings of Manny Farber (editor), and D avid Goodis: Five Noir Novels of the 1940s and robinson crusoe slavery 50s (editor). His other books include Savage Art: A Biography of and career Jim Thompson , which received the by chinua achebe, National Book Critics Circle Award and an Edgar; Doubles (a book of poems); A Reader’s Guide to James Merrill’s The Changing Light at Sandover ; and and career At the Titan’s Breakfast: Three Essays on writing in business Byron’s Poetry . Resume? He is fiction essays, also the resume, editor Library of America volumes Crime Novels: American Noir of the 30s and essay 40s, Crime Novels: American Noir of the 50s , and The Selected Poems of Kenneth Fearing, as well as the and career, editor of The Everyman James M. Cain and The Everyman Dashiell Hammett . His essays and poems have appeared in Best American Poetry , Best American Essays , and Best American Film Writing , and dissertation papers on unemployment numerous literature, film, and music anthologies, including Poems of New York , O.K.

You Mugs , 110 Stories: New York Writers After September 11 , The Cambridge Companion to Bob Dyla n, and This Is Pop: In Search of the resume, Elusive at The Experience Music Project . He contributed catalog essays to Manny Farber: About Face , and papers on unemployment P atricia Patterson: Here and There, Back and Forth . His work also has been published in many magazines, including the New Yorker , Harper’s , the Yale Review , Art Forum , Bookforum , Black Clock , the LA Times Book Review , the Boston Globe , The Poetry Foundation Website, LIT , BOMB , Open City , Ploughshares , the New York Times Book Review , AGNI , and the L os Angeles Review of Books , among others. Polito judges the annual Graywolf Nonfiction Book Prize, and has received fellowships from the Ingram Merrill and the John Simon Guggenheim Foundations. He is a contributing editor at BOMB , Fence , LIT , and resume and career The Boston Review , and serves on paper writing the advisory boards of Cave Canem and the Flow Chart Foundation. He has previously taught at Harvard, Wellesley, and New York University. At the New School, Polito is the and career, founding Director of the MFA Program in Creative Writing, and the originator (with Len Riggio) of the Len and Louise Riggio Writing Democracy Program and of ASHLAB, a digital mapping project involving John Ashbery’s Hudson, New York house and his poetry.

Current book project: Detours: Seven Noir Lives (forthcoming Knopf). Bob Dylan’s Memory Palace / Robert Polito. Categories → Faculty Works Date → July 2013. Elizabeth Gaffney in paper writing paypal Conversation with Jessica Sennett. A Trip to Hibbing High / Greil Marcus. Literature in Evolution / Lena Valencia. Transmissions: The Literature of resume and career Aids / Josue Rivera.

Animal Farm: Timeline #038; Bias / John Reed. She Hath Writ Diligently Her Own Mind: Elizabeth Childers / Bean Haskell. Bob Dylan’s Memory Palace / Robert Polito. Revisiting the essays by chinua, Final Years of Bela Bartok / Liben Eabisa. Conrad Hamanaka Yama / Zoe Rivka Panagopoulos #038; Ricky Tucker.

Spring’s Last Words: Riggio Student Reading / Ashawnta Jackson. The Next Flight / Jefferey Renard Allen. The Inquisitive Eater Blog First Year Anniversary: March 18, 2013 / Jessica Sennett. Riggio Forum: Sean Howe / Natassja Schiel #038; Jessica Sennett. Down the Manhole / Elizabeth Gaffney. Nonfiction Forum: Tom Lutz / Ashawnta Jackson #038; Nico Rosario. Homage to Bill McKibben / Suzannah Lessard. The Unsolved Mystery of “Epitaph to a Love” by Mildred Green, 1948 / Jessica Sennett.

This site was produced by Robert Polito, John Reed, Luis Jaramillo, Laura Cronk, Lori Lynn Turner, Justin Sherwood, Carrington Alvarez, Bean Haskell, and the students of the Spring 2013 Riggio Documentary course, Writing #038; Democracy. American Vanguard, a publishing imprint of the resume, New School Writing Program, revives the name of an annual anthology of writing by New School students from the late 1940s and fiction essays in literature and history 1950s.

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The 100 Best Websites for Writers in 2017. What do you picture when you imagine yourself writing? Are you quietly tapping away on your office desktop computer in and career the early morning hours? Maybe you’re scribbling new ideas and observations amidst the hustle and purpose of report in business bustle of a coffee shop. It’s likely that you imagined yourself alone. And that’s not surprising, because when it comes down to actually doing the work, you — the writer — are the one who has to put pen to paper. But here’s the thing about great writing: it takes a village. They may be your words, but the words you write are a culmination of years of practice, learning from mentors, emulating your favorite authors, workshopping with peers and supporting fellow writers. Each year, The Write Life celebrates this “village” by releasing a list of the 100 Best Websites for Writers, and we’re excited to do so again this year. Thanks to your suggestions, you’ve helped us curate hundreds of websites to resume, bring you the popular fiction in literature, best of the best. Many are tried-and-true favorites previously featured in our 2014 , 2015 , and 2016 lists, and this year we’re thrilled to feature more than 50 newcomers.

Each website featured in this list meets the following criteria: It was recommended by readers of The Write Life It publishes content helpful to resume, writers It has been updated recently and regularly. We’ve broken our 2017 list into dissertation papers on unemployment, eight categories: Blogging, creativity and craft, editing, freelancing, marketing and platform building, podcasts, publishing and and career writing communities. Essays By Chinua Achebe! For the first time, we are excited to include a category for podcasts, which have proven to and career, be a powerful and growing resource for service, writers. All sites are listed in and career alphabetical order within their categories, with numbers for ease of reading (not ranking). No matter what your writing goals are, there’s something here for everyone. And if you want to start your own website or blog, here’s our step-by-step guide . Your website could be next on our list! Sophie Lizard teaches you how to take your freelance blogging skills to pro level. Through her blog posts, free community and jobs board, you’ll increase your blogging income and become an expert in your niche. Are you working to grow your blog audience? Beyond Your Blog provides practical tips and resources for getting published on other blogs and and in digital publications, so you can tap into new groups of engaged fans.

Take your content marketing, SEO and dissertation community building skills to the next level with Copyblogger’s library of free ebooks, blog posts, forums and resume and career more. Achebe! It’s a leading resource for professional blogging from the creators of the Rainmaker Platform for digital marketing. Founder Darren Rowse and the ProBlogger team bring you the latest news and and career tips to build a better blog. This site offers extensive resources on how to monetize your blog, as well as a job board constantly updated with new blogging opportunities. At See Jane Write, founder Javacia Harris Bowser seeks to empower women to be “authors of their own lives and live a life worth writing about.” Consistently recommended by many of our readers, See Jane Write is a great place for bloggers who are looking to grow their platforms and turn their blogs into businesses. Ali Luke provides both practical and term writing service paypal motivational advice on resume and career writing books, blogging and building a business around your writing.

Check out essay structure thesis her Writer’s Huddle community and ebooks on resume blogging. Author and writing coach Ann Kroeker is on a mission to help writers reach their goals by term service paypal maximizing curiosity, creativity and productivity. Her website is home to numerous blog posts, podcasts and resources for writers. No matter what type of writing you enjoy, the Australian Writers’ Centre has a course for you. Along with a full blog archive, this site offers dozens of online and in-person courses on freelance writing, creativity, novel writing, business writing, blogging and more. Courses start at $97. If you’re a screenwriter, Bang2Write is for resume, you. This site offers tons of advice on how to develop great stories and pitch your scripts, along with best practices for writing research. You are the hero of your own novel-writing adventure, and Rae Elliott of Barely Hare Books is here to essay thesis, help you defeat the monster keeping you from writing that fandom-worthy story. With blog posts, a podcast and several ebooks, this site has lots to resume and career, explore. Author, editor and writing coach C. Popular Fiction! S. And Career! Lakin loves helping writers get their manuscripts ready for purpose writing communication, publication.

At Live Write Thrive, she writes about proper scene structure, character development, editing and crafting a fantastic story. The folks at DIY MFA believe you can access the resume, benefits of an Master in Fine Arts without having to go the traditional (expensive) route. It all comes down to a simple but powerful combination: writing with focus, reading with purpose and building your community. Prolific mystery author Elizabeth Spann Craig blogs about all things relevant to a writer’s life, including public speaking, productivity, gaining visibility and connecting with the wider author community. Her weekly roundup of in literature writing articles is a reader favorite. A passionate writer and creative writing teacher, Eva Deverell offers tons of resources for readers, writers, poets and people who just love learning. With worksheets, blog posts, writing prompts and ebooks, this site offers practical ways to and career, deepen your craft. At Every Writer, owner and editor Richard Edwards covers everything you can imagine about writing, including writing tools, website building, and how to proper essay structure, overcome writer’s block.

He even shares tips on starting a literary magazine. Resume And Career! Check out his poetry and writing contests, too. Janice Hardy understands there’s no “right” way to write. So instead of achebe giving advice on what writers should do, she explains how to make industry rules work for you. With new articles and guest columns every day, you’ll gain valuable insight into the book-writing and publishing process. At How to Write a Book Now, author Glen C. Strathy shares tips on everything about the writing and resume and career book publishing process, from where to start, to story model analysis, to creating compelling characters. Readers can also submit their questions about writing. Inky Girl is the place for robinson crusoe slavery, children’s book writers and illustrators. Debbie Ridpath Ohi shares original comics, interviews with industry experts, and advice on resume and career telling unique stories.

Her series on writing picture books is a reader favorite. Run by the Harvard Kennedy School’s Shorenstein Center, Journalist’s Resource offers write-ups on the latest scholarly studies, reports and data. This is a great place to find reliable research as well as inspiration for your next freelance article. The editors at Knockin’ Books are self-described “addicted” to reading, so they’ve created this site to help connect readers and paper authors. Whether you’re a reader looking for your next favorite book, or a writer looking for resume, a beautiful cover design, you’ll find it at Knockin’ Books. 21. Lucy Flint and the Lionhearted Writing Life. After eight years of a love/hate relationship with writing, Lucy Flint went on a mission to explore how writing can be more enjoyable, easy and fulfilling. In Literature! In her blog posts, she shares tips on how to be more courageous in your writing, stop being stuck and more. Her site is a mini dance party for your writing life.

At Market Meditations, Charles Chu documents the experiments and lessons he’s learned in the pursuit of being more productive, successful and effective at the work he does. This is a great blog to and career, follow if you’re looking to raise your potential at work. In the pursuit of creating work that matters, all writers get stuck from time to time. Doubts can creep in, and it’s sometimes hard to get back on track. Bryan Hutchinson offers motivating blog posts to essays by chinua achebe, help you move beyond writing paralysis and finish the resume and career, work you set out to create. At PsychWriter, Tamar Sloan explores the intersection of psychology and essay writing, specifically as it pertains to character development and reader engagement. This blog covers the art of resume making your characters and story believable. No matter what kind of fiction writer you are, Re:Fiction welcomes you. This site offers resources to help you at and history all stages, from and career getting better at writing, to publishing, to marketing and building your platform. It also offers multiple scholarships for professional editing and critiques each month, on essay manuscripts of up to 5,000 words. What do all successful writers have in common?

Practice. At The Write Practice, Joe Bunting and his team help you develop your writing rhythm and resume grow into your voice and essays by chinua identity as a writer. Kylie Day’s blog is resume and career, a great place for those who are in the midst of writing a novel. With tips on outlining and story structure, and a dose of inspirational posts about the writing life, this blog will help you on your path from of report writing in business story idea to complete manuscript. Tweetspeak Poetry is the resume, go-to site for “the best in poetry and poetic things.” Here, readers and paper service writers alike can indulge in beautiful poetry, writing workshops, book clubs and more.

This is also a great place to find resources for teaching poetry. Writer Mandy Wallace believes that when it comes to writing, you can’t wait to become inspired or for luck to strike. And Career! Just “Show up, shut up, and write,” and term sooner or later it will all come together. Wallace’s blog documents the writing lessons she’s learned and resume offers practical guides for of report writing in business, upgrading your own writing. The one constant when it comes to writing? It all comes down to the people: you as a writer, your characters and their development, and the audience you seek to connect with. At Writerology, Faye Kirwin combines her expertise in resume and career writing and psychology to help you hone your craft, understand people, and slavery essay write amazing stories. Authors Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi are dedicated to creating one-of-a-kind resources that writers will actually use. Their books and blog posts focus on helping writers become better storytellers, and their One Stop For Writers library is teeming with tools for resume and career, planning, researching and writing your book. Just like their characters during perilous times, writers must weather the storm of their profession — and shifting industry tides.

Run by a group of authors, the Writers In The Storm blog provides inspiration and robinson crusoe slavery tips for writers during all stages of the and career, process. Frustrated their analytical articles about books and movies were rejected, founders Therese Walsh and Kathleen Bolton decided to create Writer Unboxed in 2006 so they could freely publish their observations. It has since grown into a thriving community where writers of paper paypal all levels can contribute their thoughts on the craft of writing. Write to resume, Done is all about purpose writing in business communication, learning to resume, write well. Founder Mary Jaksch brings the age-old advice to purpose of report in business communication, keep writing to a whole new level, noting that it’s not practice that makes you a better writer — it’s practice directed in a positive way. You may speak English fluently, but the language can still be quite a mystery. Resume! Grammar Girl is the purpose in business communication, go-to guide for all things “grammar, punctuation, usage, and fun developments in the English language.” She has a popular podcast, too. Kathy Steinemann loves words. On her blog, she shares master lists of adjectives and offers tips for avoiding overused words and being more descriptive and original in your writing.

Scribendi is focused on resume the art of editing and proofreading. Their resources for proper essay thesis, writers cover everything from grammar, to finding inspiration, to resume and career, the mechanics of writing. On the first of paper each month, Cathy Bryant posts an extensive list of competitions, contests and calls for submission. She notes whether they’re paid or not, for quick skimming. This site is a great one-stop shop for all recent writing opportunities. Elna Cain believes you don’t need experience to be a successful freelance writer — you just need a passion for writing. On her blog, she shares tips and strategies to help new freelance writers succeed. You have questions, they have answers. Team members and guest contributors at Freelancer FAQs address all the things you’ve ever wanted to resume and career, know about freelance life, including marketing, getting started, recommended resources, money management and more. You love to write. But in order to be a successful freelancer, you need to work those business muscles.

That’s where Freelance to Freedom comes in. Founder Leah Kalamakis offers articles and essays by chinua achebe e-books that teach everything from client management to setting up your business website. At Freelance to Win, Danny Margulies wants you to stop compromising and start living a life of freedom — all by building a freelance career. Danny is an expert at landing gigs on resume and career Upwork, and his blog shares all the latest tips on how to use this platform for ultimate success. It’s been around since 1997 and is still going strong: Freelance Writing has an extensive archive of articles, tutorials, media and resources all geared to helping you build a successful career. Robinson Crusoe! Its jobs listings get updated daily, so you’re always in the know about new opportunities. Hope Clark believes writing can be a realistic career for all writers. Her weekly newsletter lists the resume, best competitions, grants and other well-paying markets, and her platform has grown to include a blog and a bi-weekly paid newsletter with even more high-paying opportunities per issue. Within six months of starting her freelance writing career, Gina Horkey was earning $4,000 a month.

Now, she wants to help others achieve their dreams of making a real living off freelance writing. Check out her free five-day kickstart course. Lauren Tharp has found a way to writing, write as a freelancer full time and is dedicated to helping other writers do the resume and career, same. With bi-monthly newsletters, a blog, and a podcast, LittleZotz is a great source of practical tips for your freelance life. At Make a Living Writing, Carol Tice helps writers move up from low-paying markets and crusoe slavery essay earn more from their work. With her blog, e-books and paid community, you’ll find awesome advice, support and resources to grow as a freelance writer. At Pen Pro$per, Jennifer Brown Bank shares more than 15 years of professional writing experience to help others reach financial success with their writing. Resume And Career! As one The Write Life reader said, “With an outstanding array of diverse topics, tips and tricks of the writing profession, this is a blog well worth bookmarking!” “Your life is YOUR life. You should be able to do whatever you want with it.” So says Karen Marston, founder of Untamed Writing, her internet home for helping people build a freelance writing career they love without sacrificing their freedom. You’ll find a full archive of dissertation papers blog posts, resources and courses to develop your writing skills, fearlessly approach clients, and maintain a successful career.

With over 600 posts in its archives, Writers in Charge is filled with resources and leads for freelance writers who are looking to be well-compensated for resume, their work. Don’t miss founder Bamidele Onibalusi’s master list of popular 110 websites that pay writers. Around since 1997, Writers Weekly is a tried-and-true resource for resume and career, freelance writers. It offers regular updates on paying markets, as well as expert interviews and success stories. At Writing Revolt, Jorden Roper is leading a revolution to help freelance writers and bloggers make serious money. Her site is filled with actionable articles, courses and resources that will help you become better at of report writing in business communication writing, pitching and landing great clients. For business, sales and marketing-focused writers, HubSpot is a great place to stay on top of the latest research, insights, and strategies for connecting with your audience and making them fall in and career love with your brand. Founder Kristi Hines brings you the latest strategies, trends and how-tos in digital marketing.

Kikolani is dissertation papers, a must-have resource for business and professional bloggers who want to make their brands stand out. If you’re looking to grow your expertise in marketing communications, MarketingProfs is the place to go. It offers articles, podcasts, training events and more, so you can learn to use strategic, data-driven marketing. Seth Godin’s blog might not be specifically about writing, but his daily bits of wisdom on business, marketing and life will help you approach your work in new ways. Resume! His posts never fail to inspire an energy to and history, “Go, make something happen.” Shelley Hitz believes everyone has a message, and resume and career she’s on essay structure a mission to help you reach your target audience and build your author platform. With her blog posts, podcast and Author Audience Academy, you’ll find tons of content on book writing, publishing and marketing. Author Joanna Penn has built a best-selling writing career, and she wants to resume and career, help you do it, too. Her site offers a wealth of resources on self-publishing and platform-building — from her articles and ebooks to her popular podcast library of author interviews. On the robinson crusoe slavery essay, Beautiful Writers Podcast, host Linda Sivertsen features authors and thought leaders about their writing, business and publishing adventures. With a touch of spirituality, these conversations are great listens for and career, those interested in creative contemplation.

We all love writing, but sometimes platform building and promotion don’t feel as natural. That’s where Create If Writing comes in; host Kirsten Oliphant shares tips and tools on how to build an authentic platform for your creative brand. With author interviews and a huge archive, I Should Be Writing chronicles the journey to purpose of report, becoming a professional author. Conversations focus primarily on and career speculative fiction and traditional publishing. Looking to be a published indie author? This podcast is for you. Each week host Simon Whistler interviews some of the top names in self-publishing, so you can create success for yourself. 63.

Science Fiction Fantasy Marketing Podcast. On the Science Fiction Fantasy Marketing Podcast, the hosts interview successful authors, engage in thesis group discussions and dive deep into specific writing genres and niches. This is a smart listening option for those looking for solid discussion around the science fiction and fantasy markets. Hosted by a writer who’s just starting out and another who is resume and career, a best-selling author, the Self Publishing Formula podcast features interviews with some of the biggest names in term service the self-publishing game. And Career! Listen for tips on writing, publishing, marketing and essays by chinua achebe more. Ben Hess is an award-winning producer, director and screenwriter. After hitting a creative wall, he decided to start Story Geometry, where he interviews esteemed writers on their craft. On the Story Grid podcast, author Shawn Coyne and “struggling” writer Tim Grahl discuss the resume and career, art and science of writing a story that resonates.

There’s a blueprint for great novels — and robinson crusoe these co-hosts seek to crack the code. Throughout the nearly 400 episodes in its archive, the many hosts of The Dead Robots’ Society gather to discuss their writing journeys and offer tips on the writing process. They also occasionally invite guests on the show. On The Worried Writer podcast, Sarah Painter investigates how authors overcome anxiety, distractions and worried feelings on their way to publishing success. Listen to this podcast if you’re looking for practical advice on resume managing self doubt. On The Writer Files, host Kelton Reid uncovers the secrets of productivity and creativity of some of the most well-known writers. If you find yourself stuck, plagued with writer’s block or just need to get those writing gears turning again, this podcast is for you. On Writer 2.0, A. C. Fuller sits down with bestselling authors and publishing experts like literary agents and book marketers. This show offers great content around both traditional and self-publishing, as well as the and history, writing journey. This show brings you inside an actual writing class, where you can hear other people tell their stories, witness breakthroughs, and resume and career hear the ins and outs of learning to by chinua achebe, write well.

In these weekly 15-minute episodes, writers Brandon Sanderson, Mary Robinette Kowal, Howard Tayler, and Dan Wells talk about and career, all things writing. Essays By Chinua Achebe! They often have season-long themes — check out and career season 10 for a masterclass-type season on creating a story. On the Your Creative Life podcast, co-hosts Vanessa Carnevale and Kimberley Foster help writers connect to their creativity. With discussions on essay publishing, platform building and resume different genres of writing, this is a choice place to find inspiration. Publishing veterans Anne R. Allen and Ruth Harris created this online space to offer wisdom and tips for writing service paypal, navigating the increasingly complex (and sometimes predatory) publishing world.

Whether you’re an and career indie author or looking to land a traditional publishing deal, check out their archives and resources. Christine Frazier takes a scientific approach to writing a best-selling novel. She deconstructs popular books to pinpoint the common elements they share. These findings are then incorporated into the “master outline” for a better, research-backed novel. Follow along for dissertation, insights on plot, word counts and character development. Stephanie Morrill knows a love of writing often starts at a young age. That’s why she created Go Teen Writers: to provide encouragement, community and wisdom to aspiring teen writers who want to learn more about how to and career, finish a novel and get it published. 77. Helping Writers Become Authors. Consider K. M. Weiland your writing and paper writing service publishing mentor.

With hundreds of blog posts, instructional ebooks, and an exclusive e-letter, her website is the perfect place to find the answers to all your questions. She also responds to every email she receives (really!) about writing, publishing and marketing fiction. Former publisher Jane Friedman explores the intersection of publishing, authorship and the digital age. Resume And Career! With more than 15 years in paper paypal the industry, Friedman knows her stuff — and her blog is a wealth of information on how to embrace “the future of authorship.” Author Jenny Bravo offers personal anecdotes and and career guidance for writers who want to take a leap into the publishing world. From her blog full of tips to her “Blots and essays achebe Plots Party” Facebook group, to her Busy Writers Starter Kit, Jenny is here to help you realize your dream of writing a book. At My Story Doctor, author David Farland offers tips and workshops on resume how to write your story and get it published. He offers strategic advice on the business of writing, covering topics like how to get great deals and make the most of your publishing opportunities. At Nail Your Novel, bestselling ghostwriter and book doctor Roz Morris shares her best traditional and fiction essays in literature and history self-publishing tips as well as musings on the writing process. Be sure to check out her radio show “So You Want to Be a Writer?” The team at Novel Publicity believes every story should be told, and have its own platform and loyal fans.

With that core belief in mind, it provides guidance on resume writing, marketing and publishing. Posts cover everything from social media strategy and book design to finances and author blogging. Chandler Bolt believes everyone has a book inside them. With proven systems and strategies, the Self-Publishing School blog will walk you through writing and proper publishing your book, even if you don’t even know what you want to resume, write about proper essay structure thesis, yet! It took Kristen Kieffer two and a half years to finish her first draft — then she realized she had made every mistake in the book. She vowed not to resume and career, let these personal lessons go to waste, so she created She’s Novel, a blog and resource hub that helps writers more-easily navigate the robinson slavery, journey of resume crafting brilliant novels. You’ve written your book. Now what? Standoutbooks has tons of articles, templates, tools and resource recommendations for essays achebe, getting your book published and resume and career marketed to the max. While you’re there, grab your free Book Marketing Plan and Press Release templates. At The Book Designer, Joel Friedlander uses his experience in book design, advertising and graphic design to help writers “build better books” and get published.

Along with his extensive blog archive, check out his book design templates and purpose of report in business Book Launch Toolkit. What better way to get book publishing advice than from an agent himself? From resource recommendations to eight years (and counting!) of and career blog archives, The Steve Laube Agency website is full of advice for writers who are taking their first steps into crusoe, the world of resume publishing. Writer’s Digest is home to many resources, competitions, and communities. Their editor columns are quite popular, and we particularly like The Write Life contributor Chuck Sambuchino’s Guide to Literary Agents, featuring all types of information on finding literary agents, sending query letters, building an author platform and marketing your book. For more than 20 years, Writer’s Relief has helped creatives successfully submit their writing to by chinua achebe, literary journals, book publishers, agents and more. The staff’s blog is resume, full of on unemployment publishing tips, and they also have a paid-subscriber-only classifieds section listing contests, conferences and residences.

Chronicles is and career, a thriving community for science fiction and fantasy writers. Community members gather to discuss favorite books, authors and common themes in science fiction and fantasy writing. The Fiction Writing Facebook group is a community of nearly 10,000 writers. Here, you can post your writing for popular fiction essays in literature, critique or reviews, and resume veteran members can announce details about upcoming book releases and published pieces. Inkitt is a data-driven book publisher and community where writers can share their work and find an audience for free, even if their novel is not yet finished. Inkitt’s algorithm analyzes reading behaviors to understand whether a novel has a strong potential to writing service paypal, become a big success. If readers love your work, Inkitt will offer you a publishing deal. 93.

Insecure Writer’s Support Group. Whether you’re just beginning to write or a best-selling pro, the Insecure Writer’s Support Group is here to help you overcome whatever doubts and insecurities might keep you from being your best. The Now Novel program offers a structured, straightforward way to and career, get your book done. With a step-by-step process that takes the guessing out of essay thesis what to do next, personalized mentorship and community groups for even more support, you’ll be an author in and career no time. Prose is a social network platform for proper essay thesis, writers who want to resume and career, focus on the work — not the superficiality of social media. This is a great place to publish your work, connect with other authors, and participate in writing challenges. Over 27,000 writers of all levels of expertise have joined this buzzing community, founded by author Kamy Wicoff.

At She Writes, you can create your own profile, build your network, share your work, get expert advice and feedback and discuss all types of topics in the forum. Talentville is the online destination for screenwriters and dissertation on unemployment storytellers. This community focuses on and career bringing together people across the proper essay thesis, industry — from novice script writers to resume, top agents and fiction in literature producers — so high-quality work can be easily discovered. This community is resume, focused on supporting emerging writers. They publish works from writers who don’t have published novels and haven’t been featured on larger platforms yet.

Be on the lookout for their annual anthology, which features the essays by chinua achebe, 10 best emerging writers in the country. Two Drops of ink is a literary blog accepting submissions from writers of almost any genre. The editors also post book reviews and blog posts about writing and the publishing industry. At Wattpad, “Stories are made social.” Hailed as the world’s largest community of writers and readers, members are free to post and and career read original stories and engage in conversation with each other. This is service paypal, a great platform to resume, build buzz around your writing.

What writing sites would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments below! This post contains affiliate links. That means if you purchase through our links, you’re supporting The Write Life — and we thank you for that! Marisol Dahl is a New York-based freelancer in communications and purpose of report communication brand strategy, and loves exploring minimalist blogging and social media practices at her site Mindful Minimal. Unconventional Guide to and career, Freelance Writing. While it’s easy to start a freelance writing business, it’s much harder to actually run one.

This guide will help your business thrive — not just survive. Once again, we are deeply humbled and grateful to be listed among the best of the best (in my opinion) of blogs/websites for writers, readers, authors, and poets. Congrats to our colleagues that made this list, and thank you to The Write Life staff for term paper service paypal, your hard work in the blogosphere, and for putting this extensive list together. Scott Biddulph/Editor-in-Chief @ Two Drops of resume Ink. Just wanted to give a huge, warm thank-you to everyone who nominated Re:Fiction for this list, and to TWL for curating this great resource. It’s an honor to by chinua achebe, have made it.

Hop over to our website to share the love! Thanks so much for including us in your Creativity and Craft section. We wish your readers many inspiring reading and writing moments! Yay! Thanks so much for including me, you beauties #128578; Honoured. Delighted to resume, be delivering valuable content to writers–and honored to be included here, among so many outstanding leaders and encouragers in the field. Thank you for all you do here at The Write Life to help writers find success! Wow! What an amazing list. Popular Fiction Essays In Literature And History! I’m humbled that my two sites, Elna Cain and FreelancerFAQs, made the cut this year! Thanks to resume and career, all that nominated these sites!

I see a lot of sites I visit regularly and some awesome new ones. Looking forward to checking them out. Thank you so much for including Writing Revolt and for fiction in literature, another amazing round-up of websites for writers! #128578; Lovely to be included among such great resources for writers. Many sites that inspire the Now Novel team here. Thanks, Marisol! Wow! What an and career honor to be included on this list alongside so many rockstars. Thank you!

You guys are terrific for putting this list together each year, and it is just so humbling to be on it. Thank you for the kind words regarding our work at term paper service paypal Writers Helping Writers and One Stop For Writers. Here’s to a terrific year for writers, and thank you for resume and career, all the great content you have here at The Write Life. #128578; Thank you, Marisol, for purpose of report communication, the list. There were a few I was not familiar with and resume this makes it easier to find other quality sites. We are thrilled that Two Drops of Ink was included for papers on unemployment, the second year.

We would welcome guest posts from resume and career any of the popular in literature and history, other writers from the list – or you. Marilyn L. Davis, Assistant Editor: Two Drops of Ink. Wow, such an honor to be listed here among these awesome websites and resources! Thanks so much for resume, bringing this list together, my friends!! And a huge hug to everyone who nominated the lionhearted blog for this list.

Y’all are amazing and you keep me going. Here’s to structure, many more writers bringing fun and and career courage into their writing lives! #128578; Thank you so much for including the IWSG on your list! We’ve been working so hard the fiction, past few years to resume, make it the best site ever for writers. Absolutely fantastic roundup!

Thank you for putting in the time and effort to compile this list. I’ve shared it with all of fiction essays in literature my followers and can’t wait to dive in resume and career and follow some new brands, too. I’m an article and text book published writer; retired and desiring to write articles again. Therefore, I seek only to write for the sake of continuous publication. Would like an agency wishing to see my articles for potential publication; at my age, I seek no type of writing means in order to publish. Please send me an e-mail that wishes to see my articles.

I do not wish either my e-mail or my comments to be published. My total interest is to have my articles reviewed for proper essay structure thesis, publication. I’ve written and published articles in the past and would like to continue doing so again. Resume! I’m a senior citizen and still enjoy writing. Writing Communication! A direct e-mail on submission would be appreciate; for example this article, “Hell in Heaven”. Thanks for including me! One idea for the future is to include how OLD each site is — gives you a sense of and career how much information you’ll find on their blog/site. Ooooh! Interesting addition. Thanks for dissertation on unemployment, the suggestion, Carol! -Jessica, Editor, The Write Life.

I started reading your blog now, and I must say it is one of the best blogs or writers. And I agree the older the blog, the better the content. Thank you everyone for creating content that helps people like me dream about becoming a writer some day. What a great list! We’re honored to be included! Marisol—Chiming in to resume and career, thank you, too.

Between us, Anne and I have made all the of report communication, mistakes (and keep making more) so our readers don’t have to. Bruised but resilient, we tell it the way it is (with humor) and report first-hand from the publishing/writing trenches. So glad you caught wind of resume this year! I had trouble emailing you two from the contact section of your website. Just wanted to let you know #128578; Congrats again! -Jessica, Editor, The Write Life. Awesome list! I’ve been able to add to the list of sites I’m planning on dissertation papers on unemployment pitching ideas to, which is so exciting for me, (beginner extraordinaire!) Thanks so much! Wow! What a privilege to be alongside such wonderful resources. And what a font of information for resume, all writers!

Looks like I know what I’ll be immersing myself in popular and history this morning : ) Thanks for this! Great blogs here. Would have loved to resume, see my website listed here, but travel writing is such a small sub-genre of the whole freelance writing field, so not surprised. My website is listed in the Writer’s Digest Top 101 Writing Websites for term writing, 2016. It’s for aspiring travel writers bloggers, and is primarily about and career, marketing selling travel articles, although the information is generic and can be used by freelancers who write in other genres too. Essays! I’d like to cordially invite any novice travel writers to my website to learn more about how to break into the competitive travel writing arena. Resume! Nice work with this list The Write Life website. I refer all of the writers I’m coaching to your website! Keep up the good work!

We’ll keep an eye on it for next year, Roy! Thanks! I feel so honored to be included in this list. It’s been a goal of mine for years. Thank you so much and thank you for all the great content you share for writers here. Thanks so much for the list. I’m going to check out as many as I can. So helpful and robinson slavery essay much appreciated 3. So happy to be included. It’s cool if I make myself a t-shirt, right??

Excellent. I would add Cooks + Books ( for the publishing side and also Brooks Editorial ( for creativity and craft! I also LOVE the Sell More Books Show for podcast. #128578; What a great list. Definitely bookmark-able! Also I especially like the way you put this:

“This post contains affiliate links. Resume And Career! That means if you purchase through our links, you’re supporting The Write Life — and we thank you for dissertation papers on unemployment, that!” You’ll also get a free copy of The Freelance Writer’s Pitch Checklist.

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Alzheimer’s New Jersey’s Essay Contest is Officially Closed! Winners will be announced in early May. Alzheimer’s disease impacts over 500,000 people in resume New Jersey including individuals who have the disease and of report communication, family caregivers for those with Alzheimer’s and other dementias. Resume? Alzheimer’s New Jersey ® has partnered with the New Jersey Education Association (NJEA) to proper thesis recognize students who are making a difference in the New Jersey fight against Alzheimer’s disease. Perhaps you know students that are helping to and career care for a grandparent or other loved one, or who have organized or participated in an event to raise funds and robinson crusoe slavery essay, awareness about Alzheimer’s? Maybe they are educating their friends and neighbors about the effect of Alzheimer’s on their family, communities and resume, our state?

Teachers are encouraged to purpose writing communication have students share their story through the power of the written word. Resume? The first place winner will receive an education scholarship in the amount of of report writing in business $500 and the runner up will receive a $100 education scholarship. Essays should be no longer than 500 words. The essay should describe what the student has done, why they did it, what it meant to them and the impact it has had on others or their community. Resume? Essays must be typed and double-spaced. The student must include his/her name, age, grade level, address, email address, phone number, parent/guardian’s name, school name, and school district.

If the achebe, essay is resume and career, a school project, the purpose of report in business communication, student should also include the resume and career, name of the teacher who assigned the essays, activity. Resume And Career? Nominations must be postmarked by March 31, 2017, to be eligible. Send entries to Alzheimer’s New Jersey, NJEA, 180 West State Street, PO Box 1211, Trenton, NJ 08607-1211, Attn: Dawn Hiltner or email with ALZ NJ Essay Contest in the subject line. All written submissions will become property of Alzheimer’s New Jersey to be used as desired (on the Alzheimer’s New Jersey website, social media, used for publicity, etc.). Entries are open to popular fiction in literature New Jersey public middle and resume and career, high school students (grades 6 through 12). Entries will be judged by a panel comprised of Alzheimer’s New Jersey representatives.

Winners will be notified by mid-April. Alzheimer's New Jersey. 400 Morris Avenue, #251. Denville , NJ 07834. Welcome to This site (the “ANJ Site”) is owned by essay Alzheimer’s New Jersey ® (ANJ or “we”). This privacy policy explains our practices regarding collection, use, and resume and career, disclosure of in business personally identifying information that you may provide to and career us through this site.

What kinds of personally identifying information do we collect on the ANJ Site? When you register for a volunteer opportunity, we ask you for your first name, middle initial, last name, suffix, title (if applicable), company name, address, phone number, and e-mail address. When you sign up to donate to ANJ, the essays achebe, ANJ site redirects you to an outside provider to process these transactions. The provider uses a secure server so your credit card number and other personal information will be encrypted and and career, will remain confidential. Proper Essay Structure? When you sign up to receive e-mail updates, we ask you for your full name, e-mail address and street address. When you register for our events, we ask you for your first name, last name, e-mail address, company name and title, home address, work phone, home phone, cell phone, credit card information and billing name and address. How do we use the personally identifying information that we collect on the ANJ Site? We use the personally identifying information that is provided on your event RSVP form as follows: We upload that information into our database, which is hosted by a third-party database service provider. Through our outside database service provider, ANJ may use your e-mail address to and career send you a variety of e-mail communications such as (i) notices about ANJ local events and programs, (ii) newsletters from ANJ, (iii) solicitations to support an ANJ position on an issue, and (iv) solicitations to donate money to ANJ.

ANJ may provide your name and mailing address to essays in literature one of the direct mail service providers that prints and distributes print mailings on ANJ’s behalf. If you give a gift online: Your personally identifying information will be uploaded into and career our donor database, which we maintain at ANJ’s office and which is essays by chinua achebe, hosted by our outside database service provider. If you provide your e-mail address in connection with your gift, your e-mail address will be added to our database. Through our outside database service provider, ANJ may use your e-mail address to send you a variety of e-mail communications such as (i) notices about ANJ local events and programs, (ii) newsletters from ANJ, (iii) solicitations to support an ANJ position on an issue, and and career, (iv) solicitations to donate money to ANJ. If you ask to essay structure receive e-mail updates: Through our outside database service provider, ANJ may use your e-mail address to send you a variety of e-mail communications such as (i) notices about ANJ events and programs, (ii) newsletters from ANJ, (iii) solicitations to support an ANJ position on an issue, and (iv) solicitations to donate money to ANJ. If you register for our events: Our website stores the information you provide on the registration form and makes it available to us. We use it to resume confirm your registration and to send you e-mails through that provider about the crusoe slavery, conference for resume which you registered. Every e-mail will offer you the chance to opt out from future e-mails. In addition, if you are not in our database, we will store your name, mailing address, e-mail address and phone number in our database. With whom do we share the personally identifying information that we collect on the ANJ Site?

We share the personally identifying information that we collect when you register as a member or give a gift online with our outside database service provider and our outside credit-card processor. We share the personally identifying information that we collect when you register for our events with our conference registration service provider and, if you have opted in, with our database service provider. If ANJ is required to fiction and history disclose your personally identifying information by any applicable law, court order, or government regulation, that company will comply with such law, court order, or regulation. What other kinds of identifying information, such as IP addresses, is resume and career, collected when you use the ANJ Site? The ANJ Site automatically collects aggregated information, demographic information and popular fiction, any other information that does not reveal your specific identity but that relates to your use of the ANJ Site. This kind of information is “passively” collected from and career, you through browser navigational tools, such as cookies and pixel tags. These types of technologies enable the ANJ Site to compile statistics about by chinua, our daily number of resume site visitors or specific page requests, while not identifying you personally, other than by your IP address, which is the Internet Protocol address of the computer that you use to access the Site. A cookie is a small data file that a Web site transfers to a user's hard drive when a user visits the Web site.

A cookie file can contain information such as a unique ID that the site uses to track the pages visited, and is a standard method of registering website user preferences. These preferences are stored in robinson crusoe slavery essay a file on your computer's hard disk drive. We use “analytical” cookies to recognize and and career, count the number of proper essay structure visitors to the ANJ Site and to see how visitors move around the ANJ Site when they’re using it. This helps us improve the way the ANJ Site works, for example by making sure users find what they need easily. The ANJ Site uses both persistent and session cookies. Resume? Persistent cookies are cookies that stay on your computer permanently until you manually delete them. Session cookies delete themselves automatically when you leave a Web site and go to on unemployment another one or shut down your browser. You can set your browser to accept all cookies, to reject cookies, or to notify you whenever a cookie is offered so that you can decide each time whether to accept it. Rejecting a cookie, however, may preclude you from using, or may negatively affect the display or function of, the ANJ Site or certain areas or features of the ANJ Site. To learn more about resume and career, cookies, including how to enable cookies, change your browser settings and find and delete cookies on your hard drive, please refer to your web browser's help menus or visit Can any third party track your use of the ANJ Site?

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We encourage you to popular in literature read the privacy policy of resume every Web site you visit. What information security precautions do we have? ANJ is committed to crusoe slavery essay protecting the resume, security of writing service your personal information. To prevent unauthorized access and resume, protect against the incorrect use of information, ANJ strives to maintain physical, electronic, and administrative safeguards. ANJ had adopted a number of recognized standards to protect the purpose in business, privacy of your information.

These standards are supported by security monitoring tools, documented security policies, and periodic security audits by independent experts. The ANJ website security measures include 24 hour monitoring of site activities. Personnel are educated about the resume, importance of safeguarding your information and sign a statement acknowledging they will maintain the confidentiality of your information before being granted access to such information. Achebe? No PCI data is stored on ANJ servers. We also protect user information off-line. Resume And Career? Access to user’s information is crusoe, restricted to personnel who need the information to perform a specific job duty and resume and career, no PCI information is stored in ANJ offices. How will you know if this policy has changed?

If this privacy policy changes, the fiction, revised policy will be posted here. Please check back periodically, and especially before you provide any personally identifying information. Resume? This privacy policy was last updated on December 14, 2015. Alzheimer’s New Jersey ® (ANJ) makes no claims, promises, or guarantees about the absolute accuracy, completeness, or adequacy of the contents of this website and expressly disclaims liability for on unemployment errors and omissions in the contents of this website. No warranty of resume and career any kind, implied, expressed, or statutory, including but not limited to the warranties of non-infringement of third party rights, title, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and popular essays, freedom from computer virus, is given with respect to the contents of resume this website or its links to purpose of report writing other Internet resources. ANJ presents the resume and career, information on this web site as a service to the general public. We provide links to fiction in literature and history other sites that we believe may be useful or informative. These links to resume and career third party sites or information are not intended, and you should not interpret them, as constituting or implying our endorsement, sponsorship or recommendation of the third party information, products or services found there. Robinson Crusoe Slavery Essay? We do not maintain or control those sites and, accordingly, make no guarantee concerning the accuracy, reliability or currency of the information found there.

By accessing this web site, you agree to be bound by resume and career the terms and writing paypal, conditions defined above. If you do not wish to be bound by these terms and conditions, you should not access or use this web site.

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Free Essays on How Did The Show Trials Consolidate Stalins Power. ?Why did the regime resort to mass terror in 1936-1938? The regime resorted to mass terror in 1936-38 mainly to counteract perceived threats. These threats were both viewed as external and internal. Externally, the soviet regime felt threatened from ‘capitalist encirclement’ and resume and career acted to prevent the. actions.

In this composition, I will reveal to you many of Joseph Stalin ' s important contributions and term writing paypal how they relate to the actions of Napoleon from Animal Farm. I will break this topic down into the following three parts, their rise to resume, power , Stalin's Five Year Plan, and paypal their use and abuse of authority. Stalin- Purges (Causes and Consequences) which took place in Russia from 1936 to 1938, with Stalin as the mastermind behind it. Firstly I will be talking about the three causes that led to the event; stopping the resume, reading of Lenin’s will, Stalin’s need to essays achebe, get rid of resume, individual threats to his power and also his need to term paper writing, weaken key groups in the USSR. Parallelism of Stalin and Napoleon.

based on the people, politics and resume happenings during the essays, era of Stalin . In the novel Animal Farm, Napoleon represents Joseph Stalin who was the man who became a tyrant ruler and resume led many people to their deaths. The devastations committed by Stalin can be compared to essay structure, the devastations committed by and career Napoleon in. Role of Stalin in Russian History. Joseph Stalin , the Man of essays by chinua achebe, Steel, is one of the most powerful dictators in history. Resume? Stalin was the General Secretary of the Communist Party and by chinua achebe the Soviet Union’s sole leader from 1924 until his death in 1953. Resume And Career? Stalin is one of the most controversial figures in Russian history; he is still the subject. Ideological Differences Played Little Part in the Origin of the Cold War.’ How Far Do You Agree with This Judgement? an idea can be formed to show the main origins of the Cold War.

Originating from the early 20th century, if not before, a general mistrust and purpose writing in business communication suspicion between the Soviets and resume West lingered, adding to the fragile allied relationship. The characters of the leader’s in power was also an important cause. vulnerability after the war. Proper? In Germany, Adolf Hitler rose to power through his hypnotic talent as an orator and like Mussolini, promised to protect Germany from communism. And in the Soviet Union, Joseph Stalin secured himself as leader through a bitter power struggle with Leon Trotsky. After World War I, heavy. in your revision: 1. The post- Stalin thaw and the bid for peaceful coexistence in 1950s: a) USSR: Khrushchev b) USA: the responses of Dulles, Eisenhower and Kennedy. the continuation of the Cold War in the 1950s following the retirement of Truman death of Stalin , despite the bid for resume and career improved relations. How far do Stalin’s fears and suspicions account for the extent of the terror in the USSR in the years 1936-39? ? How far do Stalin’s fears and suspicions account for the extent of the terror in the USSR in the years 1936-39? One of the definitive factors of Stalin’s Russia is the dissertation, mass array of terror he cast over his nation during his tyrannous reign which was fuelled by purges of people from all walks of life;.

After Lenin’s death, Bolshevik entered a period of power struggle. Although Trotsky, according to the testament of Lenin, was believed to be the potential leader, Stalin still became the party leader at the end. Stalin’s raise of power was a result of his political influences, social influences, his. “the Berlin Blockade Was the Turning Point in the Outbreak of the Cold War in the Period 1945-1949.” How Far Is This Statement Accurate? “The Berlin Blockade was the turning point in the outbreak of the Cold War in the period 1945-1949.” How far is this statement accurate? The Berlin Blockade (June 1948 – May 1949) marked the first time when the first underlying tensions between the superpowers after the German Question threatened.

How far do you agree with the view that Truman's decision to intervene in Korea War s spontaneous response to resume, an unexpected decision? (25) How far do you agree with the view that Truman’s decision to intervene in Korea was a spontaneous response to purpose of report writing communication, an unexpected invasion? (25) The spontaneousness of Truman’s decision and the expectedness of the invasion was arguably interconnected by other concerns and actions of the US, the USSR, China. Analyse the factors that lead to Hitler’s initial consolidation of Nazi power 1933-34. Hitler’s initial consolidation of Nazi power 1933-34. On 30 January, 1933, Hitler was appointed as Chancellor of Germany.

However, initially he did not have absolute control, as he headed a cabinet of political opponents who did not believe in handing Hitler total power . Resume? As a result, through luck and the. Why Did Stalin Gain the Struggle for purpose of report in business Power. Why did Stalin win the Struggle for Power ? When Lenin died in resume and career 1924 his most likely successor was Trotsky. Trotsky was liked by the Russian people and popular fiction he was the 'organising genius behind the resume, Red Army during the Civil War'. After Lenin's death Trotsky made mistakes which allowed Stalin to robinson crusoe slavery essay, win the struggle. The Role of Propaganda and Terror in Hitler and resume Stalin. THE ROLE OF PROPEGANDA AND TERROR IN HITLER amp; STALIN Propaganda was considered vital in maintaining control and favour. The dictators who implemented terror and propaganda to their tyrannical regimes were Stalin amp; Hitler. Propaganda is the of report writing communication, organized and controlled spreading of information.

Introduction: Joseph Stalin was one of and career, key figures in 20th century history. He transformed Russia during his time in power . In this essay, I will be discussing the violence Joseph Stalin had imposed against structure, the Soviet Union and the world. And Career? Stalin had a long life and fiction and history a long political career too. Stalin started off. Joseph Stalin Rise the Scope of His Dictatorship. Joseph Stalin Rise the Scope of his Dictatorship (1924-1934 : An Introduction During Stalin rise and strengthening of his power , he put into operation several drastic policies and modus operandi so as to realize his objectives these policies had a deep influence on Russian culture and traditions. ? Hitler and Stalin Joel A Souza Eng220 May 5, 2015 Jeffery Jack Hitler and Stalin The era before World War II saw the rise of two national leaders, Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin . Both of these men rose to power and drastically transformed their countries. Resume And Career? Each leader had their own. work together. Organizations need offer new rules to solve barrier of cross culture (Hosfstede Kolman, 2003).

This research report aims discusses how to manage organizational culture through explanation of organizational culture definition, discuss its functions and analyze its impact on operation. How Far Do You Agree That Socialist Realism Was Stalin’s Most Important Method of Social Control? Stalin had several methods of social control that gave him such a powerful rule in Russia that even today he still has supporters. Socialist Realism was an essential method to create this, although it was not the most important method of social control. Robinson Essay? Socialist Realism was the second most important. Thursday 9th July 2009 Explain why Stalin and not Trotsky emerged as Lenin’s successor? In this essay I am going to explain why Stalin emerged as Lenin’s successor.

There are many reasons for this from and career, eliminating opposition and term paper writing service paypal taking sides with the resume, NEP. At the start it looked as if Trotsky was. The Following Were All Equally Important Reasons Why Stalin Was Able to Hold on to Power in fiction essays in literature the Soviet Union: equally important reasons why Stalin was able to resume and career, hold on proper structure thesis to power in the Soviet Union: the purges and resume show trials the robinson crusoe slavery, secret police propaganda and the cult of personality Stalin’s economic Explain how far you agree with this statement. Stalin was the dictator of the Soviet. Stalin Had No Choice but to Lauch the Great Terror, Discuss. How far do you agree that Stalin had no choice but to launch the Great Terror to secure his position as leader of the Soviet Union? The Great Terror was the period of ‘cleansing’ and ‘purging’ the Soviet Union from ‘impurities’. This translated to the arresting and killing of 20 million people. On. What Reasons Did the United States Have for Using the resume and career, Aromic Bombs Toward Japan 1945? A Plan of the investigation What reasons did the US. have for using the paper writing service, atomic bombs towards Japan in 1945?

This investigation aims to assess the different factors leading up to the American president Harry S. Truman’s decision to use the resume, atomic bomb as a mean to force Japan to surrender. How Did Lenin and essays by chinua achebe Stalin Transform He Society and Economy of the Ussr? How did Lenin and Stalin transform the resume and career, society and economy of the USSR? After the of report writing in business communication, devastation of World War I, the Revolution, and Civil War, Russia was a total wreck. Factories were in ruins and half the working class gone, either dead or returned to the farms. Millions had died, mainly from the.

time, the book is a splendid work of art. In this book Orwell succeeded fully in fusing his political purpose with his artistic purpose. If Animal Farm did not have an artistic character, it would have been merely a political tract. As it is, this book conveys a political message and a political philosophy. Comparing Hitler and and career Stalin in Their Rise to Power. Adolph Hitler and papers on unemployment Joseph Stalin . These men were each triumphant in their rise to power in resume their countries and they were very comparable in the ways that they succeeded. Their success was mostly attributed to their new ideas and their politics.brbrAlthough Hitler and Stalin hated each other, the robinson crusoe essay, two. what was the resume, short term significance of the purges on russian government and society. agendas. Stalin caused political annihilation of the Bolshevik party. After Lenin’s death in 1924, the original party started to disappear.

By 1938 Stalin himself was the only original who hadn’t been killed, exiled or disappeared. The montage of the 1917 Central Committee entitled “ STALIN , THE EXECUTIONER. How similar were the causes and consequences of the Hungarian uprising and dissertation the Prague Spring? [50] How similar were the causes and consequences of the resume, Hungarian uprising and the Prague Spring? [50] The Hungarian Uprising of 56 and Prague Spring of 68 share and essays by chinua achebe differ on a number of causes and and career consequences in terms of political, economic, social and physical themes. Having entered a period of reform. How is George Orwell’s Animal Farm a Satire of the Russian revolution Research Methods – IAUCTB Hossein H. K. Jabbari – June 2013 Introduction This research paper aims to robinson slavery, clarify that George Orwell's Animal Farm is a political satire, which was written to criticize totalitarian regimes. Intro: Education and Propaganda were tools used by resume and career Stalin to maintain and consolidate his power in Russia.

The exact year as to when Stalin was in power is controversial. For the purpose of this paper, Stalin will be recognized as in power of Russia in 1929, the year when most of his oppositions. History Essay - Stalin: Rise To Power. LEADER 192 9? OF T O THE PR EUSSR ! ! ! In 1924, Stalin had begun his rise to power properly. At this time he was also one of the seven members of the Politburo. The seven members of the politburo were: Stalin , Zinoviev, Kamenev, Trotsky, Bukharin, Rkyov and essays achebe Trotsky. By 1930 he. What Were the Causes of the 1905 Revolution? Why Did the Revolution Fail to Overthrow the Tsarist Regime? This essay will cover the reasons in which I think the 1905 Russian revolution was a failure.

However I will also look at how it was not a complete failure and then come to a conclusion by summarising and weighing up the and career, failures against the successes. Dissertation? Firstly though before a judgement can be made. TECHNIQUES |CONFLICTING PERSPECTIVE | |The Oz Trials |I knew about the law – but nothing about and career, justice |The law is supposed. How far did relations between East and West change during the Cold War period from 1948 to the 1980s? How far did relations between East and term service West change during the and career, Cold War period from 1948 to the 1980s? The period of 1948 to the 1980s includes a thaw in essays Cold war relations after 1953, but also covers a series of crises.

This essay will discuss how far the period marks a significant change in resume relations. To What Extent Was the essay, Success of Stalin in Retaining Power in the Ussr Through Fear? of Stalin in retaining power in and career the USSR through fear? Section A It is assumed by most from a Western prospective that Stalin was the sole creator of the Great Purges and his regime was held together by dissertation papers on unemployment the constant and resume and career consistent fear he infiltrated through it. Many historians put Stalin forward. Why Did Stalin Rather Than Trotsky Emerge as Leader of the Ussr by 1929? several of fights in achebe between the resume, party the resultant leader was Joseph Stalin who due to his political skills and his personal characteristics managed to become the leader of the communist party. Along this essay, the emergence of Stalin as a leader of the USSR by 1929 rather than Trotsky will be analyzed.

Case Study- How Diet Effects Mental Health After Pregnancy. March 25, 2010 How Your Diet Can Raise The Risk of essays, Postpartum Depression The MGH Center for Women's Mental Health has written a great analysis of recent research into resume and career the impact of diet and nutrition on mental health. Writing In Business Communication? They take a look at two different studies, one published in the Archives of General. this revolution to identify how much Lenin and Trotsky had done to prepare and consequently carry out the October Revolution. According to Isaac Deutscher, a writer well known for his biographies of Trotsky and Stalin , Trotsky did not contribute to the revolution as much as did Lenin. He states “the years. Paper Power : Good or Bad? There are all types of influences that play an important role on the political, economical, and cultural well-being of a society.

However, when these influences take on resume and career a superior stronghold a community can be subject to unjust or corrupt power . In 1887, John. The Ego, the Law, a Trial and Franz Kafka. The ego, the purpose of report in business communication, law, a trial and Franz Kafka. He who devotes his heart to this world will be subjected to three conditions: endless grief, unquenchable desire and futile hope. And Career? - Imam al-Sadiq (may God have mercy on him) The Trial is a text, which brings a sense of trouble and unease to the reader. How Far Do You Agree That a Study of Russia in the Period from 1855 to 1956 Suggests That Change Was Always Imposed from essays achebe, Above? How far do you agree that a study of Russia in the period from 1855 to 1956 suggests that change was always imposed from above? Throughout the period 1855-1956, it’s clear that with both the resume and career, Tsars and the Bolsheviks, change was, often implemented from robinson crusoe essay, both the leaders and the people, However, under. The Main Factor That Allows Stalin to Rise to Power.

How far do you agree that the weaknesses and mistakes of Stalin’s rivals was the main factor allowing Stalin to resume and career, rise to essay structure thesis, power ? Throughout the resume and career, summer of 1923, Lenin lay close to essays achebe, death, and a lull settled over the political struggle. But the battle lines were forming in resume the Politburo and Central Committee. serve his sentence.[2] Here he first met Stalin : a fellow inmate with whom he engaged in ideological disputes.[3] After his release, he returned home to Baku for the birth of his daughter Zinaida in 1909. Soon thereafter, he returned to Kiev University and did quite well. He was even considered for a.

Who or What Does Shakespeare Show to Be Responsible for writing service paypal the Murder of Duncan in His Play Macbeth. Who or what does Shakespeare show to be responsible for and career the murder of Duncan in his play Macbeth. Shakespeare wrote his play Macbeth in the time when James I was reigning king over England and Ireland and who had previously been James VI of Scotland. James I was a patron of Shakespeare's acting. dictatorial regimes which appeared at that time in Germany and the USSR. Fiction And History? The Soviet Union was undoubtedly totalitarian by the late 1930s. However, Stalin's power was anything but absolute up until that time. It took the Great Terror, the cult of resume, personality and two decades of political patronage to put him in.

Animal Farm(by What Method’s Does Napoleon Consolidate His Personal Power? How Does This Relate to Stalin?) By what method’s does Napoleon consolidate his personal power ? How does this relate to proper essay, Stalin ? Napoleon consolidate his personal power through propaganda, private army, and religion. Stalin which is a big figure of resume and career, Russian Revolution centralized his authority in the same ways. George Orwell is trying. was the Cold War. This war which leaves society questioning to which super power was to crusoe, blame leaving both was to blame. Both sides had different beliefs and resume ideas. Communication? The spread of communism straight after World War II helped Stalin gradually tightened his control throughout Eastern Europe. Cominform also. An Analysis of Eric Arthur Blairs Writing.

happen to the world. In each of these two novels he attempts to accomplish a certain goal. In 1984 Orwell warns against leaders who are hungry for power . These people would not hesitate to deprive individuals of everyday freedom if it meant prolonging their control, he also warns against excessive censorship. goal and in need of a strong leader” No one was a match for resume and career Stalin Lenin stricken in mind and body and essays achebe scarcely able to work realised to late the true nature of his quote ‘wonderful Georgian’ Many acknowledge that Trotsky underestimated Stalin The administrative approach Ward: P.21 Stalin’s accumulation. day and they are not strong economically either, mainly because they focus on resume and career developing their military. Structure? However, China is a growing economic super power . The Communist Party of China goes all the way back to 1921. Soon after the and career, party was created, a civil war broke out in robinson slavery essay China. The Communists defeated. Purges and resume and career Show Trials In 1931-1932, Stalin's brutal collectivisation policy began to essays by chinua, be criticized by some Communist Party members. Resume And Career? Stalin gradually becmae more isolated and paranoid.

After Sergei Kirov's support at the 1934 Party Conference, he was assassinated. It is thought that Stalin organized. Why did Stalin launch the Great Terror, 1936-38? very good for Stalin ; the First Five Year Plan was complete, the peasants had been collectivised and Stalin was the 'boss' and firmly in control. However, there was still a little opposition in the Communist Party and a Party member called Ryutin circulated criticism of Stalin and how he ran the Party. The main features of Communism and how far these principles were put into practise by one Communist ruler between 1900 and 1990. itself is to train experts and industrialise the country. Stalin was one of the first Communist leaders, and followed Marx's ideas quite closely. Proper Structure? When the Communists took over in Russia in 1917, the country was very backward and inefficient. Stalin ordered collectivisation of and career, everything from farm tools.

The Contest for Power after Lenin’s Death. To What Extent Did Ideology Play The Key Role In The Contest For Power After Lenin’s Death? In this essay I will be writing about how ideology played a key role to the contest for power in the USSR. Trotsky, Bukharin and Stalin are the leading figures in the race to essays achebe, become the leader after Lenin’s. Why did Stalin rather than Trotsky emerge as leader of the USSR in 1929? Why did Stalin rather than Trotsky emerge as the leader of the USSR in 1929? A power struggle for control of the Bolshevik party began after Vladimir Lenin's death in 1924.

Among the several contenders, two of the most important names in resume this struggle were Leon Trotsky and Joseph Stalin . Ultimately. Terror and paper service paypal Repression in Nazi Germany. through other terms. Brutality was often reserved for minority groups as per Nazi ideologies presented under Hitler. The SA and SS had ever increasing power over these groups. In 1921 Adolph Hitler formed his own private army called Sturm Abteilung (Storm Section). The SA were instructed to disrupt the.

? How far do you agree with the view that the development of the Cold War in the years 1945-8 owed more to Soviet expansionism than to and career, USA’s economic interests? The Cold War, dated from 1945 to 1991, was a sustained state of political and military tension between powers in the Western Bloc, dominated. gained was used to fund imports for industry and technology, making peasants a source for robinson slavery labour. After 1945 the state took 60-70% of resume, harvested grains. Stalins paranoia made him distrust the peasantry, regarding them as individualistic therefore making them bad socialists 1945 planned target. How Far Was the term paper service paypal, Sino-Soviet Split the Result of and career, Ideological Differences Between the Two Communist Powers? the 1930s, Stalin supported the service, Guomindang.

He did this because he saw that the nationalists seemed to offer a better opposition to resume, Japanese expansion in China. Hence for the soviets, national interests took precedence over ideological solidarity. But it is important to note that Stalin did see the CCP.